Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Child Choice Writing

Once upon a time everything was lego. Even the universe was! Instead of cars there were alien saucers. There was a whole lot of army soldiers and instead of guns there were lazers. Anyway they work better. The army soldiers lived in a space shuttle up in space. They could travel all over the galaxy. It could go around the sun ten times in two seconds. It has got lots of lazers all over it. One day they had a battle and a thousand people died. There were heaps of blood when the battle ended. There were all over the place... The battle of the earth had just begun.
Written by Jay during child choice writing time.

School Fair- I wish I went there

The school fair only come once a year. I didn't go to the fair but I heard about it. Just imagine a hot sausage sizzling away in your mouth and seeing ponies trotting around the soccer field. Also seeing the decorated cakes and eating candy floss. YUM! There was even a mini fire truck racing around the tennis court called 'Little Flick", Did you hear about the bouncy castle? Wow it must of been sensational! Do you think you might go next year? Thamilla

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sorting out there, their and they're

Follow the link and you can sort out which one to use
there - preposition, their - pronoun and they're contraction for they are.

Link Here to see if you have it correct.

Spelling for week beginning 28th March

Here are your links to spelling city and your words you will need to look at this week. The focus is the long and short 'o' sound for the next two weeks.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Happy spelling! :-D

Monday, March 21, 2011

Cricket at St Clair School filmed by Kiwi Sport

Today St Clair School Year 5 and 6 students and St Bernadettes students played a cricket match that was filmed by Kiwi Sport so it could be on Channel 4 TV. It will be shown on the 2nd of April.
The children showed their skills of bowling, fielding, catching and batting. It was a very close score 43/45. Both teams were representing their schools and they all enjoyed playing and being filmed.
Manawa was St Clairs' Captian and Tim was St Bernadetts. They did well as they had no practices as a team before the match. Congratulations to St Bernadettes who won the match. St Clair won a touch rugby ball for hosting the event.
Reporters Payge, Thamilla and Samantha
Kiwi Sport Cricket Match on PhotoPeach

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spelling for week beginning 21 March

Here are your spelling lists for week 8. Use this resource from home.
Click on your list to take you to spelling city.

Group 1

Group 2

group 3

It's and its confused

It's is the contraction for it is while its is not.
Which one will you choose? Don't forget to use the 'it is' test e.g. "It's hot in here. Does the following it is test make sense? It is hot in here. Yes it does so it is the contraction "It is".

Try your own 'it is' test and answer the questions on the link - It's or its?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Study Ladder

We are part of the Study Ladder Website and the class can link from here to there account.

Click here - Study Ladder

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Clearing the old sheds

The boiler Shed is gone! on PhotoPeach

There are big changes at St Clair School. Roys shed is gone! The boiler shed is gone! A crane came and took the shed away and a digger demolished the boiler shed. I go to see half of it gone now all of it has been taken away.
In a few days the concrete is going to be poured and we will have a new playground. We put a time capsule in the concrete. It has some items about St Clair School today.

To, too and two - which one will I choose

Your task today is to link to the website and choose which 'to' to use.

click here - to too two

What was your test score?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spelling for the Week Beginning 13 March

Please click on your group number and you will be linked to your list on Spelling City

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Happy Spelling