Thursday, September 19, 2013

Daise Doors Special Spy

One day Daise’s phone rang Ring, Ring, Ring! Daise picked up the phone and a voice said, “Is this Daise Door special spy?”
“Yes it is I.  Daise Doors Special Spy.”
I have a special job just for you quick come to the library
in the center of town.  Look said the librarian half of the books are missing this is a job for daise door special spy daise stayed at library all day.

She creeped and she peered everywhere.

In the morning Daise heard her phone ring again ring ,ring ring she answered her phone, “Hello this is Daise Door special spy.” she said.
“Come to the library quick,” said the voice on the phone. “Ok,”  said Dasie Door.
So she got in her car and drove off to the library and the libarian said to Daise with a distressed voice, “Look more books are gone!”
Daise stayed at the library day and night.   She turned the lights on whenever she heard a creak, groan or squeek. Turning the lights on she caught the robber red-handed. Thinking quickly she got a nearby trolley  and pushed it to the robber making him fall over.   But he wasn’t down for long and got up very quickly!  Daisie seeing this slid over a table and got him by holding him in a special spy lock.   She rang the police who arrived to arrest him and that was the end of that robber.  by Mia

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Suzzie Sing the Story

Suzzie Sing the story

Suzzie Sing is at her office suddenly the phone went brring, ring ,ring. “Bonjour who is it?”
“Suzzie Sing.”
“Can you come straight away, they’re some bones missing at the museum.”
Soon, Suzzie Sing said, “Yes please,” and so, she went to the museum.
Suddenly the bones were missing and Suzzie Sing is finding them. She’s looking for some clues for the bones missing. So, she’ll find 2 bones from the museum, they’re missing from the dinosaur. The dinosaur will fall down very soon, in 45 minutes!
“Oh my goodness,” gasped John. Suzzie, It’s going to crash very soon. Then, the dinosaur fell over and it went CRASH to the ground and It was broken. It was an accident so, they put it back together and It’s all better now and the people were happy about it.
“Good bye Suzzie Sing” said everybody and she went back to her own office after fixing the dinosaur.

THE END! Written by Sean

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Graffiti in the Library

Graffiti in the Library.

Rachael’s phone went dong, ding, dang! A voice asked,
“Hello is this Rachael”
“Yes it is I the Super Smart Spy!”    
“Ohh good! Can you come to the primary school library  soon as possible,” the voice asked.  
“I will definity be there in three minutes. Bye for now,” said Rachael.
Three minutes later Rachael was at the school library door.  It flung open and Mr O’Sharrle said,  “Look there’s paint on the walls and PVA on the carpet!  I don’t know what happened or who did it but it happened last night.” said Mr O’Sharrle.
Rachael looked all day she peered and peeked she snuck and sneaked but she didn’t find a spec of dust anywhere or any clues to solve the mystery.   
Mr S’Sharrle helped her but no clues.  He left to find some papers and Racheal to find anything in or on the last shelf.
She was peering and peeking, seaching and scouring when suddenly some one grabbed Rachael from behind and stuck a gag on her mouth to stop her scream.  To her horror they then stuffed her in a sack.  Help she thought.
Just Mr O’Sharrle returned to see an evil person stuffing Racheal in a sack.  He reached for the heaviest book he could and struck the evil one on the head making a loud thump noise.  Racheal heard the noise and was frightened.  Next thing she knew the sack was being opened and she saw Mr O’Sarrle and an evil one on the floor unconscious.  
Mr O’Sarrle quickly took the gag off Racheal and she said, “Thank you now lets check the evil on and I suspect he was the one who did the crime.”
Racheal picked up the evil ones hand and sure enough his hands were covered in paint and PVA glue.  “We have our culprit.  Ring the police Mr O’Sarrle!”  Written by Nicola

Our Detective Stories

My Milly the Detective

Ring Ring! Detective Milly picked up her phone, “ Hello Detective Milly here.”
“Hi Milly, no time to talk! I need you at the Dunedin bank,” said her boss.
“Sure I’ll come as fast as lightning,” replied Milly  
“See you soon” replied her boss.
Detective Milly ran as fast as a cheater to the Dunedin City Bank.
When she got there, there was a huge mess on the grey carpet.
“Thank goodness you’re here .We had a robbery over night.” said the anxious bank manager.  “I am sure you have noticed the horrible mess.” he said with a worried look on his face.
“I will get straight to work..” said Detective Milly confidently. “Wait I am not done. We found some pale pink clothing attached to the nail over there. Look!”
Detective Milly got straight to work. She soon found a finger print on the dusty desk.  She got out her gadget and analyzed it.  It only took two minutes before She found out the fingerprint belonged to Zac her mums cousin.
Zac is not usually a criminal and she was so surprised. Out came the proud bank manager to thank her very much for all her hard work. He and his team could then tidy the bank up.
Detective Milly rang her boss and he sent the police to capture Zac.  Police pulled up at his last know address and arrested him after a short gun battle.  Once arrested and tried Zac got sent to jail for twenty years..That was the end of that crime . For now...   Written by Emma