Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Suzzie Sing the Story

Suzzie Sing the story

Suzzie Sing is at her office suddenly the phone went brring, ring ,ring. “Bonjour who is it?”
“Suzzie Sing.”
“Can you come straight away, they’re some bones missing at the museum.”
Soon, Suzzie Sing said, “Yes please,” and so, she went to the museum.
Suddenly the bones were missing and Suzzie Sing is finding them. She’s looking for some clues for the bones missing. So, she’ll find 2 bones from the museum, they’re missing from the dinosaur. The dinosaur will fall down very soon, in 45 minutes!
“Oh my goodness,” gasped John. Suzzie, It’s going to crash very soon. Then, the dinosaur fell over and it went CRASH to the ground and It was broken. It was an accident so, they put it back together and It’s all better now and the people were happy about it.
“Good bye Suzzie Sing” said everybody and she went back to her own office after fixing the dinosaur.

THE END! Written by Sean

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  1. Sean, I think it was very lucky that Suzzie Sing was there to solve the mystery. She is a great detective! I love the way you added the words that the people said, Sean, because it made your story come to life! Keep up the good work, from Mrs Marshall :0)