Monday, April 23, 2012

Lava Girl saves the Day

One day, Anya Robbins was doing her shopping with her friend, Jessica Mills, when Anya’s ice crystal started glowing, and Jess’s watch started beeping and they ran to an empty isle and listened to what Captain Susan had to say, “Shark Boy has escaped, we need your help!”
So the girls went to their lair on the beach and got their costumes on and were about to refuel their powers and became Ice Girl and Lava Girl, when Shark Boy came rushing round the corner and saw them, so he ran as fast as a bullet, charging at them. Ice Girl froze his body, but she didn’t get to refuel all of her powers, so his head was not covered in ice. ’I’ll get you for this!’ he screamed, and Ice Girl closed the door of the lair, just to hear ice being cracked open.  They opened the door to see Shark Boy disappearing towards the town.
“He needs to fix his mood,” said Lava Girl. “No time for that, we’ve got to get ready!”
So they went in their magic wardrobes and, with a flash of light, they became Ice Girl and her trusty sidekick, Lava Girl!
Just at the very moment, Lava Girl’s watch started beeping, so they listened carefully to what Captain Susan had to say, “Meet me at the top of Hotel Sursilva, now!” So they rushed out to the city and found Shark Boy easily, he was destroying an ice cream cart, when he looked up and saw Ice Girl and Lava Girl.   He ran and bounced up to them snapping his mighty jaws, just to see Ice Girl’s hand sticking out, and he realised that she was about to freeze him. He ducked out of the way, but Ice Girl was too smart to freeze what was in front of her so she lowered her hand and froze his head! He was leaning sideways with his head and fell over and one layer of the ice cracked and broke off, which made it lighter for him to stand up. But it was still a little bit heavy for him so he tried to break it on the ground again, and it worked, so Lava Girl pointed her hand at his bottom when he turned around and burned him, which made him scream. While he was to busy screaming, Ice Girl and Lava Girl went to the top of the Hotel Sursilva, and saw Captain Susan waiting, with her arms crossed.
“I have been waiting for ages! Why did you take so long?”
“We had to fight Shark Boy before we got here, Lava Girl burned his bottom!’ They giggled at the thought of Shark Boy being burned on the bottom, but Captain Susan didn’t seem to be laughing.
“Why aren’t you laughing Susan?” said Ice Girl. “We need to be saving the world, not laughing at Shark Boy.” So they made a plan of how they were going to defeat Shark Boy. When they were finished making their plan, Captain Susan said,’ Alright, you are ready to fight!’ So they went to find Shark Boy. It was easy to find him again, he was playing with a car, throwing itand smashing it.  It looked horrible. The towns folks looked horrified, so Ice Girl told the people to go into hiding, while Lava Girl was getting Shark Boys attention.
“Lava Girl, how nice to see you again,” smirked Shark Boy. “I, for once, am going to destroy you and Ice Girl! I’m sick and tired of your meddling and making me frozen cold or searing hot!”
Lava Girl didn’t look as shocked as the towns folk, “How? We beat you last time, and got you to jail, you want to go back there?”
Shark Boy laughed, “I’m more powerful than ever, how do you think you can beat me? I’ve been to see Mr Electric, and he said he would fuel up my strength, so I’m more powerful than last time!”  . Lava Girl and Ice Girl looked very shocked at the word Mr Electric. Mr Electric was Shark Boy’s boss, he tried to beat Ice Girl a few years ago but she got him with the last of her strength. To get even he created Shark Boy to defeat her, but Ice Girl heard because her ice crystal started glowing with the sound of Mr Electric creating Shark Boy, so she created a side kick, Lava Girl, to help her.
Ice Girl told Lava Girl not to be scared because they weren’t fighting Mr Electric, they were fighting Shark Boy. Mr Electric would have to wait for another day. 
Lava Girl felt much braver now, and said ‘Let’s go kick some butt!’ So Ice Girl distracted Shark Boy while Lava Girl kicked him with her burning hot foot! Shark Boy fell backwards, and just as he touched the ground, Ice Girl made lot’s of layers of ice over the top of him and called the police. The police came and Lava Girl heated him up as they caught him. ‘Nice work girls, you always defeat Shark Boy, next it’s Mr Electric.’ The police shivered at the thought, they were scared of Mr Electric, so were the towns folk.
‘We’ll put Shark Boy in something more safer than a bars, thank you.’ They dragged Shark Boy into the truck and drove him away.
“Well, that’s over and done with, let’s go.’ So they ran back to their lair and changed back into their normal clothes, and remembered about their shopping, so went to the supermarket.

Anzac Assembly

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning 
We will remember them.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Super Hero Series - Rayman

The Superhero Ray Man Hi my name is James Robin. By day I help people who are blind by walking bedside them holding onto their arm. Every afternoon I become a super hero.
One Saturday afternoon I was at home relaxing in my armchair. I was reading the newspaper and it said Bad Mr Fox has escaped from jail. He was in jail for robbing a bank of a thousand dollars.
Focusing my super hearing on Mr Fox’s voice, I discovered he was at a bank! He was saying in his evil voice “I’ve got money I’ve got money.” Then I heard the sound of money falling. Aha! There must be a hole in his bag, thought Ray Man.
‘What the…!!” yelled Mr Fox. Running to my bedroom wardrobe I quickly spun around and changed into my Ray Man costume. Running off my house roof I quickly flew through the air to the BNZ bank, with my super strength I punched a hole through the roof and jumped. I landed right behind Mr Fox and punched him in the back. Mr Fox hit the ground like a pancake.
"I feel dead,” cried Mr Fox. I picked Mr Fox up and dropped him into a sack, flying back out my hole that I had made I flew to the nearest police station. Seeing two policemen there I dropped him to the ground in front of them.
“Thankyou Rayman!” called the policemen.
Flying home I put on my pyjamas and went to bed. Mum never saw a thing.   Written by  Connor

Super Hero Stories - Dragon Fly Girl

Once upon a time the Mayoress was at home reading the newspaper when she read the headline. The magic crystal had bean stolen by the Evil Wizard. The Mayoress knew that she the Dragon Fly girl had to get back the crystal. Going to her secret lair under the pond she changed into the best super hero the town had seen. Just a few minutes later after she left she saw a thistle. She was horrified – this was the only thing that could take her powers away – just when she needs them all. Avoiding the thistle and feeling a little weak she went to the Evil Wizards old lair. Good no thistle here and I am feeling stronger. I will need all my strength to beat Wizard and get the Crystal back. Flying into Evil Wizards lair she caught him sleeping. How lucky she thought. Going quietly she picked up the Crystal and tied up the Wizard before he could wake and set a spell on her. Taking Evil Wizard to Prison she left the Crystal on the policeman’s desk where it would be returned to its owner. All her work done she returned to the pond the emerged as the Mayoress to continue her day job. Written by Nicola