Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Day of the School Flood!!

After my friend and I finished our lunch, we started playing until a gnormous dark, black cloud came. It started to rain and there was loud, terrifying thunder and lightning.
It was striking the school. Everyone ran inside. The water was going under the doors and through the roof. Suddenly the power died. Then “BANG” the heating went off. I looked up at the ceiling. A drop of water fell right on my forehead. I looked down on the carpet. It was all soggy so I ran outside and all I could see was black!!! I ran as fast as I could to the principals office. Mr Newton said “I’ll ring your parents, It’s unsafe to stay at school”. Oh No - there’s no signal. We had to go up on the balcony and get the signal back. The parents could see the storm from their houses so they rushed to school. When they eventually got there I felt saved! When I got home I had a cup of tea and sat next to a warm fire.
Well – that was a great adventurous day for me at school.

By Adam

The day of the School Flood

All of St Clair School had just finished their delicious lunches. The children were all playing, some on the bars, some playing rugby and also soccer. Then suddenly the clouds went black. It started to pour. We had to go inside. When we got inside the water was coming under the doors and leaking through the roof. Suddenly “Ping” the lights went off. There was no power, no electricity, no heating, nothing. Mr Newton had to call our parents. Our parents had to come to pick us up. Even my house was leaking in the hallway and my bedroom and mums room. My cat was petrified!! I called my grandparents and my aunty. They were so worried so my grandmother came and picked us up and she said to pack clothes. Once we got to grandma’s and had hot chocolate in front of the fire, I started to tell my grandmother about my petrifying day at school. Eventually my grandfather came home so I also told him.

By Toriann

The Day of the School Flood.

We all ran outside to play on the bars after eating our delicious lunches. Suddenly the dark, black clouds started gathering. “Oh No Look it’s raining. Let’s go inside” So we went inside. We were playing dominoes, then I noticed the school grounds were starting to flood. Water was leaking through the doors and coming in through the roof. “Lets tell a teacher” I said. The teacher said “ I’ll go tell Mr Newton”. Mr Newton said “I’ll ring your mums and dads so you can go home”. He rang our mums and dads and told them the school has to close because there has been a flood and the electricity has been cut off. “Why do we have to go home” I asked. “I want to stay. Look everyone there’s lightning!! It looks like it will crack the ground” We knew it was unsafe for us to stay at school. Finally the parents arrived. What a terrifying day I’d had! When I got home I had a hot chocolate in front of the fire and told my mum and dad what a scary day it had been!!

By Tesha

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wet lunchtime activity

Gears, gears gears with Orlando and Ollie from elizabeth faithful on Vimeo.

Our Art Displayed

Yesterday the children of Room 11 visited the art gallery to create artworks with John. We are very excited that three of our paintings have been posted onto the website. Click onto the photo below and look at Toriann's, Sean's and Stefan's work.