Sunday, May 27, 2012

We are Winners!

Today there was great excitement in Room 11 as we received a box from the University Book Shop. Six writers in our class won a special pen for their writing in The Cats Pyjamas competition.

Congratulations to: Emily, Payge, Sylvie, Anika, James, Charlize. Well Done!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Playhouse Theatre Productions

The Great Brick Robbery on PhotoPeach

The Great Brick Robbery

Today St Clair school children got the opportuniy to see The Great Brick Robbery. The main charictor in the play was a boy called Winston that was only just starting a new school. The people in the play were fully trained on how to get the voices high and low . Also on how to get changed properly in a certain amount of time. They have done the play 30 something times so far and have another 200 to go around New Zealand. That’s quite a lot of times! They also had a trick on how to get changed it was to wear different clothes underneath. You can see in the play that Winston's mum is also Denice because she is wearing school shorts underneath and you can see this when she twirls around.
There was a Gadget Gang lead by a girl called deniceshe was the bully in the play. She had a cellphone competition with brick the competition was about when the old brick phone had a dance off with Denice's phone but Denice's celephone hasn’t been struck by lightning and can't dance. It was very funny when denices phone sang the wrong song and Winston put it on the internet. Denice was cyber bullying which means it is bulling through a phone, email, social sites, like mean texts and phone calls. Have you seen the great brick robbery?
What would you do to stop cyber bullying like not give out cellphone numbers or email addresses etc.? Its real and it does happen - be aware!

Bert and Jonah come to school

Today Adam brought his two male puppies to school. They were very cute Jack Russels that are different colours. The dark patched puppy is called Bert and has incredibly soft fur and likes cuddles. The ginger patched puppy called Jonah is very busy running around and sniffing anything he could. He also did a tiny little bark. These puppies are nine weeks old.
Thank you Adam for bringing your puppies to school :-D

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Paper Garden

In the weekend Nicola made a paper garden. She made it with cardboard, sticky jewels, glue, pen springs and different coloured paper. firstly she started with the cardboard and added the triangle in the middle. After adding the side pieces Nicola added all the decorations. She made them herself with a Cuttle bug cutter. This cutter also indents the paper with patterns which was used on the tree and leaves. It took her most of the weekend to make it.

Can you see the things she made?
A butterfly, frog, tree, buzzy bees, an owl and some flowers? Can you find them all?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Childrens Book Awards

the Cat's Pyjamas on PhotoPeach

In Room 11 we read The Cats Pyjamas by Catherine Foreman and have entered the University Book shop competition. This is what our Cats in Pyjamas look like and what we wrote.

On Saturday the cat wears his dragon and ninja pyjamas and dreams a dream... of
fire breathing dragons,
ninjas fighting with glowing swords,
and the dragons with shinning gold claws.
What dragon and ninja delight for the cat in the night.

By Reuben

On Monday the cat wears farm pyjamas
and dreams a dream of pigs
that wear blonde wigs ,
sheep that beep , horses that play with mice,
mice that are nice
and eat fluffy rice
what a dream of farm delight, for
a cat in the night.


On monday the cat likes to wear Christmas
pyjamas and dreams a dream of ... snow flacks flying
reindeer and santa climbing in the air singing presents
under the christmas tree.
What a dream of christmas delight for the cat in the night.

written by Alisha

The Cat’s Pyjamas

On Monday the cat wears Soccer pyjamas. He dreams a dream of goalies saving,
soccer balls scoring,
crowds roaring,
with hells pizza and big time raving. Muddy buddies having fun.
Some cats were yelling
others howling
What a dream of soccer delight
for a cat in the night by Ollie

On Thursday, the cat wears Christmas pyjamas and dreams a dream of meeting Santa
and drinking orange Fanta
with presents under the Christmas tree. That has bees buzzing around the Christmas.
Giving toys and hugs to your family and friends.
With gold stars lighting up the sky and giving old toys
for all the girls and boys.
A Christmas tree that has light
to make it bright.
What a dream for the cat in the night.

Written by Emily

On Friday the cat wears Christmas pyjamas and dreams a dream of ... a red bike
and going for a down hill hike.
He dreams of the snow
making his house glow.
Santa in a silvery sled
while I’m in bed.
The trees glowing with Christmas light,
what a delight for the cat in the night.

By Samantha

On Sunday the cat wears Christmas pyjamas and dreams a dream of ….
the Christmas tree lights
lit up for all to see
Gifts, decorations, festive food, visitors,
red suited Santa,
Friends and delicious
smoothies blends
What a dream of Christmas delight for the cat in the night.

Written by Payge

On Thursday, the cat wears ocean pyjamas and dreams
a dream… of H20,
where all the mermaids want to go.
There’s tiny seahorses,
who are very cautious
of nets that get,
I bet are very scary... What ocean delight for the Cat in the night.

By Sylvie

On Friday,
the Cat wears Christmas pyjamas and dreams a dream… of moonlight
and presents to delight,
there is sparkling snow
that will glow
when it’s freezing cold.
Santa arrives at the door spilling orange and raspberry fanta on the floor.
What a dream of Christmas delight for the cat in the night!

By Jemma

On Tuesday the cat wears ocean pyjamas
and dreams a dream of ocean delight...
of large sperm whales
with swish tails, electric eels
and a whole lot of big fat seals.
and a Gannet
that dives for seaweed Janat.
What a dream for the cat in the night.

by James

Monday, May 7, 2012


In class we have been studying the moon and took great interest in the 'supermoon' on Sunday the 7th.

Read this article in the ODT and enjoy the photos people took of it.
Click here

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Let's investigate!

Copy the link below and investigate!

What do you Find Out?