Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Design your own shape poem

Click onto the link below and begin designing your own shape poem. Your words need to be all about the object you have chosen.

Shape Poems

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


The children of Room 11 have been writing Haiku. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did writing them.

Haiku by Ollie

Museum dinosaurs
Bones hanging from the ceiling
Giant creatures no more moving

My Haiku - Brandon

Crescent to full moon
Why change your face nightly
Moon never the same

My haiku - Charlize

The lovely cool sandy beach.
The waves washing up on the sand.
The seagulls watching over us.

The long stream flows through.
As we play race’s in the stream.
We are all very wet.

Haiku - Tiara

A cocoon has hatched
The blue butterfly has left
Caterpillars dream to fly

Hiaku Anika

A colourful bow
Rain made beautiful arching
Gold found at its end

Haiku Emma

Moon so like a star
Full round face shining brightly
Turning night into day

Haiku - Rueben

Dinosaurs teeth biting
standing still in the museum
frightening no-one

Haiku - Samantha

Sparkling golden stars
One by one I see you shine
All in a gold line

haiku - Brooklyn

Sparkling golden stars
One by one I see you shine
All in a gold line

Haiku - Payge

The short night is through
Come out little butterfly
Out of your cacoon

The Moon - Payge

Up high in the sky
The moon shimmers down on me
the moon reflects light

Haiku - Rishi

The long night is through
Snail made silvery trail
Sun melt it away

Haiku - Alisha

The short night is through
little glowing beads of dew
Greet morning sunlight.

Haiku - Tara

The short night is through
On the wide grassland plain
Little beads of dew

Haiku - James

In deep dark water
A big predator does not move
look out for angler fish

Haiku - Mia

The night has arrived
The moon is shining so bright
The moon reflects light

Haiku - Reuben

The cat in the house
In front of the fire
Sleeping in the heat

Haiku - Orlando

A huge windy thing
sucks stuff into it like cars
and clouds meet the ground

Haiku Jemma

Sunset is over
The moon brightly reflecting
Whales swim up to play

Haiku - Josh

Frog on Lilly pad
fly darting by sees long tongue
manoeuvres and lives.

Haiku - Nicola
just in the morning
when the sun hasn't risen
awake little fluffy cat