Monday, March 26, 2012

Tara Brings a Cicada to School

We found out that the Cicada begins as a egg laid in bark then turns into a nymph that eats plants roots to emerge in a few years as a adult.

Middle Team Swimming

Lessons and Water Confidence on PhotoPeach

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Have you ever had to wake up at 7.30sm in the weekend? Because I have so I could compete in the Weetbix Triathlon. I got up and dressed feeling very special wearing my tri-athlon T-shirt. Did my hair and grabbed my helmet and bike. Mum put it on the car and I ate breakfast and got my bag with food and drink. We were ready but had to wait for dad! My t-shirt made me start feeling nervous. It really lovely with blue and white writing. It has the sponsers names written on it like ASB and Toyota. I was in a team with Eliza and Kaiya. We biked, swam and ran. I did the biking section for 400metres until transition where I had to tag our runner Kaiya. I don't really know what place we got but it was the best. Anika On Sunday I went to Mosgiel. You may be asking why? Because I entered the Weetbix Triathlon! We had to bike, swim and run. As we waited after registeration, (we did alot of waiting) for the announcer to call yellowcaps, we watched the other kids run out from the pool. When we were called, we ran to the pool, because we were excited about starting and lined up with the other 8 yearolds. Then we did some more waiting (told you so) to get into the pool! finally we got to get up and go to do some more waiting!! Finally we were in the pool! When the coach yelled go we sped off into the deep end. When I tried to stand up and take a breath I couldn't touch the ground. we had to swim a 100 metres three times. Finally I had finished and people were helping us out. I took my cap and goggles off and started running to the bike.I got changed without gettting dried! When I was dressed I ran my bkie to the starting line. Little did I know that the bike path was really long. I biked around and around until I finally got out of the big field. I was thinking about how I was to run this field soon. Parking my bike as quickly as I could i jogged to the run start. I was really tired. Finally I reached the finish line and the 'help team' gave me a gold medal and some water. I held up the medal as they took a picture of me. I looked for mum and went to her to sit down and have a rest and listen to who got prizes, but it wasn't me. Finally it was time to pack up my gear and go home. Sylvie

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bubble and Destiny Come to School for a Visit

Have you ever seen a rabbit? Well I have seen on no actually two rabbits. Their fur is brown, black and white. The had long floppy ears. The ears twitched from listening to us and their whiskers from sniffing our scent. What wonderful little rabbits. Charlize Have you got a rabbit? You may be interested to know Jemma brought hers to school today. We made a bit circle on the mat so that they could not escape. The jumped around and came to people for a pat and to hide. We loved patting Jemma's rabbits and their fur was so soft. Devon Today fluffy rabbits came to school. I saw their noses poking out of their box. When they got out they started to jump. One came my way and I was very excited. Guess what I got to do? I took the photos with my teacher. After five minutes of rabbit fun they left to visit Jemma's sisters class. Jonathan What excitement... two very adorable rabbits came to school today. We got to hold them and pat their so very soft fur. I got to hold Bubbles. She was so warm on my legs. Her beautiful whiskers twitched and her ears went down. What fun. Have you ever felt how soft rabbit fur is? Alisha

Monday, March 12, 2012

Sending Kelvin the Kiwi to USA!

We are sending Kelvin to Minnesota America. Here are some images of him around our school. We are hoping to connect with a class Grade 3 class there. More news on this later. Kelvin the Kiwi At St Clair School on PhotoPeach

Spelling the short "U" sound

Hi, enjoy learning your words that make the short 'u' sound. Click onto your group name. Snakes Rabbits Monkeys

We are learning how to Present Data on a graph!

We used our hard court area and classroom numbers to line up showing the colour of our eyes. We could see all sort of information about room 11 eye colour. Most of the children have blue eyes. Few chldren have hazel eyes and 9 children have brown eyes. After our photo we went inside and created graphs into our maths books.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Create your own Super Hero

Click onto the word Super Hero and go and make your own. Your will need to decide: Is your hero a boy or a girl? It can only have one power?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fundraising Super Hero Day

Our Super Hero Costumes on PhotoPeach Wow, look at all the wonderful costumes - Superman, Incredibles, Bat Girl, Otago Rugby Players, League Players, Princesses, Witches, Cat Girl, Police and many more. Thank you to everyone who dressed up and supported this event today. It was very successful and it shows that we are indeed a wonderful community!

short 'e' sound

This week we will be investigating the short 'e' sound and the letters that make it. Click onto your spelling group name and play games to learn your words. Monkeys Snakes Rabbits

Test your Contraction Knowledge.

Take the link contractions and test your knowledge.