Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Luna Eclipse

We were very lucky to be shown this photo of the luna elipse last week. We were most interested in the fact that the earth has a shadow.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Thank you St Clair School PTA

Look at What we can make! on PhotoPeach

Gears, Gears, Gears

The PTA have generously given each class $150 to spend on educational games for the classroom. In room 8 we purchased the game Gears, Gears, Gears. There are so many possibilities. We are very excited and thank the PTA for all their hard work at the school fair and giving our class the opportunity to enjoy building and constructions moving gears. - Room 8

Spelling for week 8

Here are you spelling links to Spelling City and the games continue to enjoy. Click on your spelling group name.

Group 1 Penguins

Group 2 Frogs

Group 3 Birds

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The beginnings of the New Playground on PhotoPeach

The New Playground

This week the builders have taken out the old sandpit and paving around the junior playground. The climbing tree and bars with the swing bridge and slide are still there.
the builders have made a big rectangle box and we don't know if it will be a new sandpit.
We saw a big digger and building tools. the tools that we saw were a drill, post hole digger, spades, saw and two workmen.
Our teacher told us the middle team children will be planting in the garden that goes around the fence.

Pictures and text by Riley and Jay

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Legend of Knockmany

Today in class we read the book the legend of Knockmany a folktale from Ireland and learnt how people had created a story about natural phenomenon.
Look at the video to discover what traces or evidence there is that would support of legend of the two giants existence.

Albino Animals

We are going to write a report on a albino animal.

Have a look at the reports on this site - scroll down to albino red neck doves and read at least two reports - at ...

You are to read the news article about the albino animals at

Then google - albino animals and choose an animal to write a report on.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Book Week Dress Up Day

Bookweek dress-up Day on PhotoPeach

Book Week At School

It has been book week at school. Some of the children have been answering questions about books. Anika won a bag when she got the answer correct. Some questions we have had are Who warned the children in the cat in the hat not let the cat stay? Also we have a furry bag come around with clues and yesterday it had in it - a washing basket, apron, skirt, headscarf, plastic cow and bush and shovel. Do you know the answer?
We finished the week with dress up book character day. Take a look at our photos and guess who we are!

The great rugby Robbery

On Monday we watched the NZ Playhouse show "The Great Rugby Robbery.'

The main character was Rianna who was late for school and needed an excuse for not having her homework. Once she arrived at school she discovered that the class were going on a trip to the Town Hall to look at the Web Ellis World Cup. She was a keen rugby player and was upset to find out she was not going because she had not completed her homework. She did get to the Town Hall by driving a bus only to find some French people had stolen the cup. This is were the play was very funny and we met a chicken called Napeleon who belonged to the robbers.
We won't tell you all that happened but will tell you the Rianna saved the day and it is a show well worth watching.

Georgia and Sylvie