Monday, December 12, 2011

Art Works Inspired By Paul Klee

Art Inspired By Paul Klee on PhotoPeach

To use primary colours to mix shades of primary and tertiary colours.

Success Criteria
I have used secondary and tertiary colours to complete a portrait, in the surrealist style of Paul Klee.

We were given white, red, yellow and blue paint to create our pictures. It was difficult to get the correct shades we wanted.

Lolly Cake for Morning Tea

Delicious Lolly Cake on PhotoPeach

Today all the students in Room 8 were really spoilt. Riley's mum made us delicious Lolly Cake. He passed it around and we all agreed it was very kind and thoughtful to make this for us to enjoy. Thank you!

Art at the Art Gallery with John

Art at the Dunedin Art Gallery

Disappearing Into the Distance Art on PhotoPeach

On Friday room 8 went to the art gallery.
First we had a look a round and put are bags in a room.
Second we looked at a picture that you new how the artist
felt when he was painting it and we had a couple of those paintings. Then we had morning tea then we went into a panting room and panted are own sky and mountains and grass. Then put signs and people on it. Then we went on a
bus back to school. I had a really fun day!!! Anika

On Tuesday the Sixth Room 8 went to the Art gallery. Firstly we went to see some beautiful pictures of people in the olden days. Next we went in the gym it was so amazing because when you punch this punching bag it makes a funny noise. At the art gallery we went in the painting room and did some amazing , fantastic painting before we went to have our morning tea.After the painting we went back on the bus to school and did some more school work.I was soooo tired after that I thought I would fall asleep. Tiara

Making Stars and Boxes with Mrs French

Yesterday I went to Room 17 and made ninja stars. I made a star box as well . It was quite hard but it worked out in the end. Riley

Origami stars with Mrs French
Today room 8 went in to room 17 to do some origami. First we did heaps of folding and cutting. Then we decorated the paper and folded some more we ended up with a really cool Christmas star. I’m going to hang it on my Christmas tree. I had fun we made a ninja star box too. I had an excellent time in room 17. Thank you Mrs French. Devon

Middles Cross Country, Picnic and Pool Fun Day

A Glimpse of Cross Country, Picnic and Pool on PhotoPeach

On the day of the cross country I felt very nervous . I had been training for it for a while now. The middle team walked to Kettle Park for the Cross Country. When we got there Mrs Wood had a talk to us. The year fours were last to run. I came fifth in my cross country race.
Afterwards we had a picnic at the park and walked to the salt water pool to have a swim. I got dressed a bit earlier than the others.
When we got back to the school the bell had just rung. What a big day! Blake

Senior Production

The Senior Production was on Friday the 9th. They sang Love, Love, Love, Count on Me and One Step Two Step. They used drums, boxes, tins and stools to create a fantastic drum beat. When they moved position to play class songs they used this and to me it looked like they were playing musical statues.
My brother George was also in the performance. he was in the front row. When they sang Count on Me he used a microphone with another boy called Nick. We all saw it after lunch and it was amazing.
Have you ever been in a performance. Well this is one not to miss! Samantha

On Friday the 9th of December the seniors had there stupendous production. They had an entrance song on the marimbas. I thought it was cool. No one told me Manawa was playing the entrance song on the Sopranos, though I was amazed with it. The seniors did lots of songs and pieces. My legs hurt from the long walk we had done to get to the PAC Centre. I did not know what my brothers piece of music was called but it was amazing. Some people thought it was just good but I corrected them saying “no it was amazing I actually thought it was STUPENDOUS!!!”. My favourite part was room 13’s marimba part because my brother was in it with Mr Hunter. They did some fantastic songs. One step two steps was my favourite. At the end the year 6’s did a play saying goodbye. I thought people were about to cry but I wasn’t going to because I knew I would see most of my brothers friends again. I knew I would see Jack and my brother again most of all because Jack is my brothers best friend, so I didn’t have to worry as much as other people.

Written by Payge

The senior production was great. My favourite
performance of the lot was the high five performance. Me and Riley were setting beside each other. Riley had a really cool toy with him. The production took until home time. When the screen said room 12 performs Scooby doo they were lying, but I didn’t mind. I just kept on watching the show. The seniors must have of put a lot of practice into the production. Jonathan

YAY! When I am a senior I’ll do the senior production as well! Last Friday the middles and juniors went to watch the senior production. Mrs Faithful said that we could go for lunch. And Then we had a play and the hand bell rang so we all lined up on our class number. Our class strolled to the PAC Centre. Then we sat down and we all went quiet because the production was about to start. The music started to play. The seniors played the marimbas Mrs Caldwell she helped the seniors keep the right time. My favourite part was when they sang Count on Me. They did a fantastic job on their production. They had lots of music and lots of singing. Emily

Talking to England, Cheshire

Monday morning Rm 8 Skyped Sylvie! We asked her some questions and we found out...
She is in Cheshire England. It is Sunday at 8pm while it was 9am Monday here 13 hours ahead of her. Money in England is called Pounds. To get from Austria where she had been skiing she had to take two buses, 4 trains and a 2hr flight - image how long that would take. We looked at the atlas and saw that it is quite a distance.
We also saw an amazing decorated Christmas tree and meet Amber her grandmothers beautiful white fluffy cat.

We signed off saying Merry Christmas and see you in the New Year. Jemma

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

End of Year Music Presentation

Sylvie in Austria

 We enjoyed hearing from Sylvie Via Skype - she has posted this on our wiki page.
When I was in Austria, the snow didn’t come for 4 days! But we didn’t go skiing until Thursday because the ski fields aren’t open till then. We stayed at a guest house called Hotel Sursilva and it was on the side of a mountain in a little village called Lech. On Monday morning, mum woke me up and shouted ‘ The snow has come! Look out the window.’ So I looked out the window and mum was right… the roofs of houses were covered with snow, the ground had snow about 2
feet high, and best of all… the mountain was covered in snow! Hooray!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Week 7 spelling - Long 'oo' sound

This week we are looking at the letters that combine to make the long 'oo' sound.

Group 1 Penguins

Group 2 Frogs

Group 3 Birds

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Keeping busy at Lunch time

Today my friends and I made a tower 18 stories high. Have you ever made a tower taller than you?
We used 81 blocks making it in approximately two minutes!!. How AMAZING!! It was all made out of maths and Jenga blocks. Why did we make it so close to the door? Well the equipment was there.
I felt very excited about making the tower.

Spelling week 6 Term 2

We are again looking at the spelling pattern for the long 'I' sound.




Looking at fractions

Try some fraction games on this site

Fraction Games

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Spelling week 5

This week we are learning spelling patterns for an 'i' sound. They are 'igh', 'ei' and 'y'
Click on your list to learn your words.

Group 1 Penguins

Group 2 Frogs

Group 3 Birds

Your link will take you to the correct list. Do not worry I miss-labelled the Penguins and Frogs - you do have the correct words but names are swapped by mistake at spelling city.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Co-operative Sports Day

Co-operative sports Day on PhotoPeach

Last Wednesday our school held the co-operative sports day. We got to do egg and spoon races, three legged races, high jumps, skipping, hoop throwing and many more activities. We had alot of fun and the seniors looked after each team. Team number 14 won with the most points for lining up and moving to the next activity, looking after everyone and helping them complete the activity, and using KCM. (Kindness, caring and manners)

Clifford Comes to School

It is book week this week. We can buy lots of wonderful books at school. As part of book week this morning Clifford came to school. Devon and Jay took photos of him visiting our class.

Monday, November 7, 2011

How to make a pumpkin lantern

What you need

1. sharp knife
2. ice-cream scoop\spoon
3. maker pen

First you need to use the sharp knife to cut the lid off. Next take the seeds out and then put them in the compost. After that scoop the pumpkin flesh out and when you have finished, you put the flesh in a bowl your mum to make a yummy soup. Then you have to draw a face with the maker pen. Remember not to go to high or you won’t see the mouth, or don’t go to high because you will be too close to the lid.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cake for Lunch

Today Koal's mum made a delicious turtle cake for us to all share because it is his 9th birthday. Everyone enjoyed a large piece even though there are 28 children in our class. I think the Jam part in the turtle shell was the most tastiest piece. The icing was finger-licking good! Thank you to Koal's mum for making such a wonderful cake for us.

He has invited his friends over after school for a party. I am invited and I am really looking forward to it. Ty-Rae

Monday, October 31, 2011

Looking at fractions

In the I-suite today you are to check the link for your maths groups and think about your learning intention:

WALT - make halves and quarters of a set Circles

WALT - Order fractions Stars

WALT Use multiplication to find a fraction of a set Squares

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Paint me a Picture - Show not Tell

In our writing we have been trying to show not tell the reader what is happening.

These are our first try at this. We were allowed to use only one sentence. Mrs Faithful gave us - The man went down the street. (Tell)
This is what we did to the sentence to show. Please leave a comment on the one that you think paints the best picture.

The tired man strolled along the cold wind swept street. Sylvie
The young jogger ran along the winding path. Tiara
The young man walked chirply down the patterned pavement with a sweet smell of flowers swirling around him. Olivia
The old man was walking slowly along enjoying the summer breeze. Jay
The laughing boy rode his bike really fast down the street to his school. Riley
The man strolled quickly down the street towards the new supermarket carrying his shopping bags. Brandon
The man strolled quickly along the short bumpy path towards the huge supermarket. Maisie
The lazy old man strolled slowly along the pathway stopping to lift his head to the summer breeze. Jemma
The skinny young boy ran quickly along the steep empty road on a fine summers day. Elizabeth
The old man trotted down the winter street pulling his slow dog. Ty-Rae
The old man stepped slowly trough the cold wind of the winters day. Anika
The sleepy man strolled down the leafy street yawning outside his mothers gate. Georgia
The wrinkly old man crawled along the patterned floor in search of his glasses. George
The old man strolled slowly with a smile on his face in the hot summer street. Crystal
The old man strolled slowly along the hot summer footpath to his building. Payge
The old man was outside his house standing, waiting, on the snowy wet day. Koal
The old man stopped to look at the bright yellow flowers growing in the garden. Gayatri
The old mean man jogged fast down the long steep concrete path towards the resthome that held his old friends. Samantha
The man strolled down the straight road to the new supermarket. Emily
The young painters stood at his easel painting the enormous castle on the mountain in front of him. Devon
The tired old man walked silently down the concrete path. Blake
The old man walked down the road with his old friend with bright
red hair. Kaleb
The very old man was walking done the road kicking autumn leaves. Izac
The jogger saw a littel girl skipping so he stopping and skipped too. Brooklyn
The man walkied slowly down the twisting garden path. Charlize

Don't forget to leave a comment.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Super Hero Fundraising Day

The Student Council decided two weeks ago at a meeting to hold a Super Hero Day to fundraise for Caledonian Children. The Funds raised will go towards paying for school uniforms so the children can go to school. We raised $210 on our coin trail. Each uniform costs $20 so this will mean 10 children will get a uniform and then they can go to school.
The favourite Super Hero costume was the blue Smurf in room 7. Ioane and Olivia.

Super Hero Day on PhotoPeach

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Middle Syndicate Production - Colour My World

Here is a video of our class, Room 8, at dress rehearsal. At the show we had our faces painted. This is only our class item shown here for those who missed it.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Waiata - One Step Two Step

Here we perform our supporting waiata One Step, Two Step after our school haka to welcome the Irish Rugby Team Players.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Irish Rugby Team Visit

On Friday members of the Irish Rugby Team visited our School. We dressed up in green to show our support.

Irish Rugby Team members Visit on PhotoPeach

Week 10 spelling - the 'ou and ow' sounds

Link to Spelling City

Group 1 Penguins

Group 2 Frogs

Group 3 Birds

Happy Spelling!

Irish Rugby Team Visit our School.

Listen to the welcome haka from the Kapahaka group for the visiting Irish Team players.

You can also view this on Channel 9
Link to

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Listen to the rain song we heard this morning

Untitled from elizabeth faithful on Vimeo.

Fun spelling games

Follow the link the enjoy a range of spelling games that can be played at home, in the car or any times with your family or friends.

Word Games

Check out the link and see what game you enjoy the most.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Spelling Week 8 - 'air' words to learn

Here are your spelling words and the link to Spelling City

Group 1 penguins

Group 2 Frogs

Group 3 Birds

Enjoy all of the spelling activities!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Woodwork in the Weekend

Today I brought my amazing woodwork to school to share with my class as I was very proud of what I had made. I explained how I had made it and passed it around the class. Everybody liked it. I was amazed I could make these things and so was my family. I used a drop saw, a router, a drill and a sander. I want to say thank you to my neighbour Mr Hodge who helped me and let me use his tools.
Izac's Woodwork on PhotoPeach

Spelling Week 7

These are our spelling lists for week 7, our spelling sound focus is the 'air' sound.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

Kapa Haka - Our thoughts

If you can not view our voice thread follow this link -

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Spelling Week 6 Term 3

Spelling city is a really helpful way to learn your words while having fun!

Click onto the link and begin!




Thursday, September 1, 2011

Emily's Puppy Comes to School

A marvelous surprise arrived in class at 9 o'clock. Quite unexpected. The smallest cutest puppy belonging to Emily's family put in an appearance. The puppy, called Megan, was quite shy to start with but we all managed to get a pat. It was so cute it looked like a store bought toy. It sniffed Tiara and our Kapa Haka plastic bags. Its fur was softer than our own hair. Thank you for bring in the puppy.
Puppy comes to class on PhotoPeach

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Winnies Adventures by Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul

In Room 8 we have been enjoying the books 'Winnie's New Computer', 'Winnie at the Seaside' and 'Winnie in Space'.
We decided to write our own Winnie Adventure - I hope you enjoy the one written by Samantha age 7.

Winnie in the Supermarket

One sunny morning Winnie woke up. Suddenly Wilbur started going, 'Meow, Meow, Meow'. 'I wonder if Wilbur is hungry?' thought Winnie. So off she went to the cupboard to see what she could find. "What would you like today Wilbur?" asked Winnie. "Would you like magic potion?" 'Meow' replied Wilbur. "How about milk and cat food?" 'Meoow' said Wilbur excitedly. I think that means yes thought Winnie. "Here you are Wilbur," she said. Now what will I have for breakfast? I'll have some eyeball toast and a drink of magic potion. Soon Winnie was finished and she thought she has better get her shopping done early today. So off she went to the Funny Witches Store down in G Village. Winnie had only just discovered the store last week and enjoyed poking though all the things there.
Onto her broomstick she loaded her large shopping bag and off she went.
Arriving at the store in no time she ordered a blood fizzy, some human finger and t-shirt pie. "Mmmm," said Winnie. She was just about to start when she heard a faint meow from her rather large bag. Winnie knew that your not allowed kitty-cats in the store but Winnie wouldn't go anywhere without Wilbur. So she quickly ate her pie and swallowed her entire drink in one gulp. Gathering up her broomstick and bag with the now quiet Wilbur off she went home.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Playground Equipment

Putting the new Playground together. on PhotoPeach
Some of our thoughts about the new playground.

"Would you like a new playground?" asked Mr Newton. He rang the builders and along they came. They collected it from St Patricks School. Dug a big hole and made a fun large mud pile. We need to keep off it though! But the questions is who is it going to be for? It has a bridge, climbing wall, tunnel and a fun looking slide. We can't wait until it is finished. Payge.

Hey, look and come with me and come see what there will be! It's a .... PLAYGROUND! It's got twirly slides, climbing walls, panels, rope climb and heaps more things. Builders get back soon to see the concrete dried because we can't wait. Anika

I wish that the new playground is ready soon. It has exciting looking with ladders, bridges, tunnels and slides. It looks really good with reds, greens, yellows and blues. So far the playground looks quite small for a playground but it has some things the other one does not happen to have. That is a curved ladder and a net one. Ioane

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Old Coins

Olivia showed us some ancient coins. A whole jar full of them. they came from all around the World such as England, New Zealand and Australia. I was surprised how big they are and that they were dirty. Have you any old coins?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Stars on Stage

A real performance is so much different that an dress rehearsal. How? We did it last night. The theme was a lonely chameleon who hadn't got any colour and was lonely and grey. All of our groups gave it colour - Green, gold, red, blue orange and purple. It all started "Are we ready, has everyone got their makeup and face paint on?" asked Mrs Stevenson. I was ready to scream out - "I'm not ready for this!" "Are you ready to perform at the Regent Theatre?" asked Miss Tanagta. Now I was beginning to burst with excitement but on the other-side still a little scared. Jemma age 7

"Has everyone got their makeup and hair done?" asked Mrs Stevenson. All the children responded, "Yes." Onto the bus we went. We arrived at the Regent Theatre and saw loads of people waiting in the audience. Are we performing in front of ALL these people. I just wanted to scream. I was so nervous. The schools who performed before us made it look easy. All too soon we got to sneak backstage to get ready. Before I knew it the music started and the cheers grew higher. Onto the stage we went.
Georgia 8

Yesterday all the kids from all over Dunedin went to the Regent Theatre to perform an exquisite dance. I was thrilled how many people came to watch. Have you ever performed in the theatre?
First we put on our fabulous blue costumes and then we did our hair and makeup. The green group boys looked like aliens. Gold group looked like billionaires with sparkly t-shirts. When we were done with our performance we went outside. It was so cold that I felt like I was in Antarctica! "I see the bus" I said in excitement. For the bus trip we could pick a buddy. I chose Maisie. I call her mysterious Maisie. I picked her as my buddy because if I get nervous she'll support me. What a night! Elizabeth 8

Dress Rehearsal images for Stars on Stage

Dress Rehearsal on PhotoPeach

Monday, August 15, 2011

Week 3 Term 3

It has been a cold start to the week so some time learning your words might full in part of the day. Click onto your group name to take you to Spelling City.

Group 1 Penguins

Group 2 Frogs

Group 3 Birds

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Story Bird

We have been using story bird to publish our stories.
Take a look at Blake's and make a comment.

Click onto his name and it will take you to his work.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Starting the Term with School Swimming - Our Recounts

Last week my class and Room 17 went to Moana Pool for swimming lessons. We got onto the bus and had the quietest class competition! Sometimes we won and other times it was a draw.
When we arrived at the pool we got changed. Half of us had a lesson and the other went into the wave pool. We had our lesson first. We did freestyle and crocodile arms. Sometimes played a game of penguin. Next we went to the wave pool. We played ball tag in the lazy river. Overall my favourite activity was penguin. Blake.

Bag packed already to go. Swimming togs, check! Goggles, check! Towel, check! Come on.. I really want to go to school! I can't wait to go to the POOL!
Finally at the pool. Lessons first then into the leisure pool but not everyone from my class as we were mixed up with room 17. I couldn't wait to go into the hot pool for relaxing fun. We played ball tag in the lazy river. It was fun that didn't last long as we were soon changing and back in the bus to school. In the bus we were doing the quietest class competition and we were to win ten more minutes on Friday. What a week! George

Spelling City Link for this week.

Click onto your group name and your words are ready for you to learn.




Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Playground Report - look at the photos further down our blog

At St Clair school we have a new Junior Playground.
It is made from natural products, such as wood, sand and dirt.

The builders used many, of materials and tools. They are,
logs, wood, sand, nails and bolts and the tools are a hammer, chain saw,
digger and to name some of them.

They used the wood for the edges of the sand pit and for the huts, walking
plank and stepping stones.

They used the chain saw for cutting the wood to the right length. They
had saw from each side to cut through the stepping poles. Also the builders cut some of the wood lengths with it.

They used the hammer for hammering in the nail’s and
bolt’s into the wood. They used the bolts to hold everything together very securely.

The builders used the digger to make some room for the
sandpit and the garden beside the sand pit. A large truck arrived with sand and the digger unloaded it into the sand pit area.

The playground is enjoyed by many children and looks great and fun to play in. Anika age 7

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Charlottes Web - by E B White

Our class has finished the classbook and here is what we say about it.

Charlottes Web
This is a book about Wilbur and Fern. They are best friends and then Charlotte comes along.
She saves his life by making Wilbur famous. The main characters are Fern, Charlotte and Wilbur. I enjoyed this book as it made me laugh in some places. - Anika 8

Charlottes Web.
A small piglet was born on a farm and Fern the farmers daughter wanted it for a pet. Eventually Wilbur the pig left their farm and this is when he meets Charlotte. She is very clever and ends up saving his life. She does a trick on her web that has everyone talking. I enjoyed the book and think other people my age would too. Jemma - 7

Charlottes Web.
The main characters in this story are all animals that you would find on a farm. Wilbur is a pig who is a pet of Fern the farmers daughter, Charlotte is a wise spider and Templeton is a rat. This is a story about friendship because Charlotte saves Wilbur from certain death. I enjoyed this book and think other children would too. Sylvie - 7

Charlottes Web.
Wilbur is a pig that is Ferns pet on her family farm. He is sold to the Zukerrmans' and this is when he meets Charlotte. Fern visits Wilbur everyday after school. She sits in the barn with the animals and listens to them all talking to one another. This is where they meet Charlotte who will save Wilburs' life. I enjoyed this story. Samantha - 7

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Shape Poems

This is our final poetry genre for our unit of work exploring the language and organisational features of poetry.

Follow this link and start using all of your describing words!

Happy writing.

Speling for week 10 starting July 4th

Welcome to your spelling link. Happy Spelling!




Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Luna Eclipse

We were very lucky to be shown this photo of the luna elipse last week. We were most interested in the fact that the earth has a shadow.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Thank you St Clair School PTA

Look at What we can make! on PhotoPeach

Gears, Gears, Gears

The PTA have generously given each class $150 to spend on educational games for the classroom. In room 8 we purchased the game Gears, Gears, Gears. There are so many possibilities. We are very excited and thank the PTA for all their hard work at the school fair and giving our class the opportunity to enjoy building and constructions moving gears. - Room 8

Spelling for week 8

Here are you spelling links to Spelling City and the games continue to enjoy. Click on your spelling group name.

Group 1 Penguins

Group 2 Frogs

Group 3 Birds

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The beginnings of the New Playground on PhotoPeach

The New Playground

This week the builders have taken out the old sandpit and paving around the junior playground. The climbing tree and bars with the swing bridge and slide are still there.
the builders have made a big rectangle box and we don't know if it will be a new sandpit.
We saw a big digger and building tools. the tools that we saw were a drill, post hole digger, spades, saw and two workmen.
Our teacher told us the middle team children will be planting in the garden that goes around the fence.

Pictures and text by Riley and Jay

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Legend of Knockmany

Today in class we read the book the legend of Knockmany a folktale from Ireland and learnt how people had created a story about natural phenomenon.
Look at the video to discover what traces or evidence there is that would support of legend of the two giants existence.

Albino Animals

We are going to write a report on a albino animal.

Have a look at the reports on this site - scroll down to albino red neck doves and read at least two reports - at ...

You are to read the news article about the albino animals at

Then google - albino animals and choose an animal to write a report on.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Book Week Dress Up Day

Bookweek dress-up Day on PhotoPeach

Book Week At School

It has been book week at school. Some of the children have been answering questions about books. Anika won a bag when she got the answer correct. Some questions we have had are Who warned the children in the cat in the hat not let the cat stay? Also we have a furry bag come around with clues and yesterday it had in it - a washing basket, apron, skirt, headscarf, plastic cow and bush and shovel. Do you know the answer?
We finished the week with dress up book character day. Take a look at our photos and guess who we are!

The great rugby Robbery

On Monday we watched the NZ Playhouse show "The Great Rugby Robbery.'

The main character was Rianna who was late for school and needed an excuse for not having her homework. Once she arrived at school she discovered that the class were going on a trip to the Town Hall to look at the Web Ellis World Cup. She was a keen rugby player and was upset to find out she was not going because she had not completed her homework. She did get to the Town Hall by driving a bus only to find some French people had stolen the cup. This is were the play was very funny and we met a chicken called Napeleon who belonged to the robbers.
We won't tell you all that happened but will tell you the Rianna saved the day and it is a show well worth watching.

Georgia and Sylvie

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How do flowers attract Bees?

We have been thinking about the colour of flowers and how bees 'see' them.
Watch this video and find out all about it.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Visiting Specialist - Andrea from ADInstruments

On Wednesday afternoon Andrea came to talk to us about colour and the natural world. She told us about herself and career in science. She had many interesting photos showing us about colour in nature.
We saw pictures of camouflage animals such as octopus, chameleon and peahen.
Andrea told us how plant flowers used ultra violet light to attract bees so that the flowers are pollinated. I learnt that leaves look green but they also have red, yellow and orange underneath and we see this in autumn when the green fades away.
olour is also used to warn others e.g. red toadstools are poisonous, snakes and monark butterflies are too.
We also learnt that some plants and animals have no colour and are called albino.
Thank you for coming to our class and helping us learn and understand colour in nature.
Written by Samantha.

Chameleon - Changing Colours

Our class viewed this video and wanted to share how Chameleons change colour so quickly to match its environment.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spelling city for Week 3 Term 2

Your spelling words are up and ready for you to practice
click on your list name-



Learn your words for your test on Friday.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Maths Group Practice

Click onto you group name to take you to some maths practice.



Trust you enjoy you maths as much as I do!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Spelling for the week beginning 9 May

We are focusing on the 'k' spelling sound and the letter patterns that are used to spell it.

Click on your group name to take you to spelling city.




Thursday, May 5, 2011


This term we will be reading and writing poems. Take a look at the poems other children have written. It may help you to write some of your own.
Click here

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Having a go at multiplication!

Click here to travel to Beacon Learning Center and think about multiplication using animal legs!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our class hosted assembly on Friday 15th April

The assembly was a celebration of a terms music with Mrs Cauldwell and an acknowledgement of ANZAC day.

The Juniors shared their song - Colours of Aotearoa, the Middles played "Old Macdonald on the recorder and finally the Seniors played ukulele and sang Love, Love, Love. Thank you to room 8 hosts and room 7 super scoopers for their video!

Assembly, Term One from Super7Scoopers on Vimeo.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Numeracy - Looking at larger than and smaller than

Some numbers are larger than another. You need to choose carefully follow the link below to your interactive site. Reminder that you can only navigate away when you have 10 out of 10

Link here

Our Wiki pages

In ICT i-suite we learn new skills. We practice them on our own wiki page then we apply them to our blog. The first task we have is to add our name using Heathers animations, upload a text document and create our first youblisher.

Follow the link to find our pages - click here - Room 8 Wiki page

Spelling beginning week 4

Your spelling has improved during the first term. Don't forget to keep checking into spelling city and playing your games to learn your work.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Our homework masks

For homework last week for fun we could make baked masks. To make them you need flour, table salt and water. First you pour two cups of flour into the bowl, then add half a cup of salt along with three quatrters of a cup of water. Then mix into a soft dough. Leave it for a day wrapped in gladwrap. After that put the dough onto a greased tray and shape rolling it and cutting. Now it is time to put it into the over and bake at 150 degrees for until dried and light brown. Now you have finished unles you want to paint or decorate your mask.
Look at the photos and see the masks we made. We made hearts, faces, masks and gingerbread men.

Sour Dough Masks on PhotoPeach

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Child Choice Writing

Once upon a time everything was lego. Even the universe was! Instead of cars there were alien saucers. There was a whole lot of army soldiers and instead of guns there were lazers. Anyway they work better. The army soldiers lived in a space shuttle up in space. They could travel all over the galaxy. It could go around the sun ten times in two seconds. It has got lots of lazers all over it. One day they had a battle and a thousand people died. There were heaps of blood when the battle ended. There were all over the place... The battle of the earth had just begun.
Written by Jay during child choice writing time.

School Fair- I wish I went there

The school fair only come once a year. I didn't go to the fair but I heard about it. Just imagine a hot sausage sizzling away in your mouth and seeing ponies trotting around the soccer field. Also seeing the decorated cakes and eating candy floss. YUM! There was even a mini fire truck racing around the tennis court called 'Little Flick", Did you hear about the bouncy castle? Wow it must of been sensational! Do you think you might go next year? Thamilla

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sorting out there, their and they're

Follow the link and you can sort out which one to use
there - preposition, their - pronoun and they're contraction for they are.

Link Here to see if you have it correct.

Spelling for week beginning 28th March

Here are your links to spelling city and your words you will need to look at this week. The focus is the long and short 'o' sound for the next two weeks.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Happy spelling! :-D

Monday, March 21, 2011

Cricket at St Clair School filmed by Kiwi Sport

Today St Clair School Year 5 and 6 students and St Bernadettes students played a cricket match that was filmed by Kiwi Sport so it could be on Channel 4 TV. It will be shown on the 2nd of April.
The children showed their skills of bowling, fielding, catching and batting. It was a very close score 43/45. Both teams were representing their schools and they all enjoyed playing and being filmed.
Manawa was St Clairs' Captian and Tim was St Bernadetts. They did well as they had no practices as a team before the match. Congratulations to St Bernadettes who won the match. St Clair won a touch rugby ball for hosting the event.
Reporters Payge, Thamilla and Samantha
Kiwi Sport Cricket Match on PhotoPeach

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spelling for week beginning 21 March

Here are your spelling lists for week 8. Use this resource from home.
Click on your list to take you to spelling city.

Group 1

Group 2

group 3

It's and its confused

It's is the contraction for it is while its is not.
Which one will you choose? Don't forget to use the 'it is' test e.g. "It's hot in here. Does the following it is test make sense? It is hot in here. Yes it does so it is the contraction "It is".

Try your own 'it is' test and answer the questions on the link - It's or its?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Study Ladder

We are part of the Study Ladder Website and the class can link from here to there account.

Click here - Study Ladder

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Clearing the old sheds

The boiler Shed is gone! on PhotoPeach

There are big changes at St Clair School. Roys shed is gone! The boiler shed is gone! A crane came and took the shed away and a digger demolished the boiler shed. I go to see half of it gone now all of it has been taken away.
In a few days the concrete is going to be poured and we will have a new playground. We put a time capsule in the concrete. It has some items about St Clair School today.

To, too and two - which one will I choose

Your task today is to link to the website and choose which 'to' to use.

click here - to too two

What was your test score?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spelling for the Week Beginning 13 March

Please click on your group number and you will be linked to your list on Spelling City

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Happy Spelling

Monday, February 21, 2011

Beach Education Report by George and Tyrae

On Monday room 8 and room 17 went to the beach ED. The lifeguards put on a video for keeping our selves safe at the beach. The man told you what rips and currents look like. He told us 10 RULES like don’t swim when tired or cold, never swim alone, swim between the flags, and listen to the lifeguard’s advice as they know about the surf.
About three minutes after that we had morning tea and a play at the St Clair Park.
After 10 minutes we went back inside and we learnt about slip, slop, slap, wrap, slurp, slide then it was lunch time and it was the same as morning tea.
But after lunch we were able to look at the rips and safe places to swim before warming up and going into the water. Our fun swim was soon over and we were heading back to school.

Beach Education with Surf Life Saving

Beach Education Room 8 on PhotoPeach

Monday, February 7, 2011

Room 5 visits

Each week Room 5 visits us in the library to share their reading books with us. We also select a picture book that they might enjoy. They were very good listeners and enjoyed the books we choose.

Our Buddy Class

Buddy Class Reading on PhotoPeach

Monday, January 31, 2011

1st Day of the School Year

Welcome to all the students that are part of room 8.  I look forward to working with you over the year.
Mrs Faithful