Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thinking about Prices and Money

Max sorted the coins to pay for a pineapple that cost $2.70. He used four coins to make up that amount.

Thinking about money

Ella is buying milk. Each bottle costs 2.30 each. Ella knows that for two bottles she needs $4.60. She took a photo of the coins she will need to give the shopkeeper.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Save our Beach

Save our Beach on PhotoPeach

Strike Performance


Today we watched a performance called Strike. There were many different types of drums. They were hanging from a scaffold. The performers were beating the drums very quickly. They were using four beaters to play a marimba. The music was so loud my ear drums were exploding like TNT! It was so loud Mrs Faithful let me and Taylor in the library. Henry

On Tuesday a band called strike came to school.
They showed as there drums that they had brought.
They had log drums, snare drums, a bass drum,and a wood drum.
They also told us about the elements fire,air,water,and earth.
It was amazing to know that they practiced ten hours a day.
The performance was fantastic.
I came back from the show with hot ears because of the racket of the drums. Josh

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Making Sequential Patterns

Patterns and Sequences made by the Squares Maths Group on PhotoPeach

My repeating pattern - teddy bears, green then blue finally red. They also had numbers on their tummies 12, 9 ,3 I repeated it three times. Can you guess which teddy would be the next in the pattern? - Jessica

I made a tread bead pattern with the numbers 2, 4, 6, 8 plus a yellow green sequence. What number bead should I thread next? - Jessica

We made playdough 2 4 6 8 sequence and the next one in the pattern would be 2. - Josh and Ella L

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tigger in Disneyland

Can you see Tigger our class mascot enjoying seeing his Christopher Robin Friends?

Monday, June 23, 2014

Matariki Ghost Lantern

It was on Saturday 21st of June and the splendid Matariki Parade and fireworks was held in the Octagon. There were ghost’s, a massive swan, a 3m castle, a unicorn, sheep numbered 1-6, people on stilts, drums, teddy bear heads and a taniwha. But it was too windy for fireworks. All of the unusual creatures were not real but lanterns. The lanterns are made out of tissue paper. The biggest lantern was the 3m castle. Matariki is celebrated on the shortest day of the year and is Maori New Year. Someday I hope I’m in the Matariki parade.

By Stefan

At the midwinter carnival there was a spectacular taniwha, a fabulous spider and flies, an awesome unicorn and a beautiful swan. Some cats, bears, castles and clouds too. It was fantastic. There would have been about 2000 people there, including Felix and Finn. I was up high on mum & Dad's shoulders so I could see everything. When Dad put me down, I had pins and needles screaming in my legs. I thought it was really ticklish. I want to go again next year. Written by Oscar.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Visiting Performers - Review

EL GORGOE             

Wow, El Gorgoe put on a fantastic show.  He was making birds appear out of nowhere while teaching us about anti bullying.  He had a dummy called Ned who sang a nursery rhyme for us.  He sang Little Jack Horner but he sang it like this “ Little Jack Horner sat in a puddle eating a hotdog he stuck in his nose and pulled out a cockroach and squirted in his eyes” unfortunately he sang it wrong. But it made me laugh.  I cant wait untill next years show!  

By Stefan

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Caribean Sand being Stolen

Click on the photo and then read the following articles to gather information about what is happening to the sand.  Then write your opinion using the planner and structure in the modleling book.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Aborginal Art and our Writing

We looked at how aborginal people from Australia used symbols in their art to tell a story.  We created our own stories using red, yellow, black, white and brown paint.

Our Art on PhotoPeach

Hunting Food
On the river bank Aboriginal families warned other families
about snakes by yelling, “Snakes, Snakes!”
“Hiss, hiss, hiss,” went the snakes nearby.
Stab went a spear. As everyone fell in silence Maki said, “Its the head hunter. Mmmmm… yummy,
fresh snake for all to eat.”
“Lets go to go to the campsite,” suggested the headhunter. “Wow dingo foot prints.” Crunch, crunch, crunch there it is. “Shhh” whisphered the headhunter were close. Look its at our water hole. I’ll stab it while you guys wait here.
Stab went his spear again. Squirt - all of the blood flowed out of the predators body. There’s still not enough food for all us. There’s eight but we’ve got enough for six.
Looking around for what could be food the young boy pointed as he said, “Perfect there’s some bush potatoes over their and a bird up there. Whose good at throwing a boomerang?”
“I am,” said Maki. Whoosh, thomp! Down the birds fell dead to the ground with the hunters spears being very accurate.
The leader announced, “Mmmmm lets go cook our food and eat it by the fire while singing songs. Let the artist draw this place so that all will know of the great hunting and bush potatoes.

Written by Parker McLachlan

Monday, May 19, 2014

Making 3D shapes with ogobild pod.

Levi was asked to make the shapes that were shown in the wooden 3D shapes he made an extra shape.  Which one is it?  What are the names of these shapes?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Beginning our unit of Inquiry about Sand

Sand on PhotoPeach

We discovered that wet sand sticks together and dry sand doesn't.  We also found out the the further you were from the water the deeper you had to dig to find water.

All of the class had fun building castles and looking and touching sand.

Here are some of our wonderings.

What is it made of? - Max,

How does it get made in the water? Isabella

How deep is the sand?  Alice

How far out to sea does the sand go?  Oscar

How does sand get put onto the beach?- Max

How does sand get put on the beach - Issy

Who made it? Charlotte

Where does it come from? - Jessica

How can water go through sand?  Taylor

How much sand is there? Chay Hong

What doe it look like under a microscope and does sand all feel the same?  - Finn

What is sand actually - What is it made from? - Luca

I wonder what sand is made of for it to have sparkles in it?  Cate

What can we use sand for?  Alice

Monday, April 14, 2014

Anzac Day

Here are some links to follow to find information about ANZAC Day and why we celebrate it. Click on the image and it will take you to the site.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Tigger has an accident

Luckily Dr Oscar was there for Tiger who fell and hurt his tail, dislocated his shoulder and injured his arm.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

At school we have the values KCM

K stands for Kindness, M stands for Manners, C stands for Caring
this is a wordle we made about what we think Kindness means.

Word cloud made with WordItOut

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Another letter From Tigger!

21 February 2014

Dear Room 11 friends

Thank you for your replies – I think that I will buy some more of the same clothes so I can have fresh and clean clothes that are the same EVERY DAY!  Thanks for the good ideas about washing my body and brushing my teeth and hair.

But I have to tell you this… I have been getting butterflies in my tummy lately before coming to school especially on Wednesday and Friday.

I like bouncing around but the teachers asks me to run the big three!  I really don’t like running and so many other kids are faster than me. I am not a fast runner. I get puffed really easily and get all red in the face!

I just don’t understand why I even have to do it? What is the point!

Help because today is FRIDAY!

From  your new class friend - Tigger


Dear Tigger

Do some exercising everyday. Again and again and again!  Practise running because it can help you go fast.  If you keep on trying your wouldn't be so slow.


Dear Tigger.  

I get butterflies in my tummy too.  But try to run the Wanaka Callenge, swim, bike, run because it is work it and it makes you more confident.  Ask your dad or mum to do it because you can cross the finish line and it is a great feeling.  It takes alot of training too but is is a lot of fun.  Your should try it.

Your friend Molly

Dear Tigger

Thank you for our letter.  I heard that you have had problems with the fitness run.  You need to keep trying and keep running but it doesn't matter if everyone is faster than you because it is just practice for the cross country.  If you keep fit you might win and get a medal.  Sometimes I get a sore tummy when I run too.

From Ella W

Dear Tigger

Thank you for your letter.  So you have got some more problems.  Well here are some solutions.  You should keep a steady run because you won't get puffed or you could practise running at home.  You should always wear short and running shoes because they help you go faster.  Also eating healty food will give you energy to run.

From Luca

Dear Tigger

Practise every holidays or exercise every day to get fitter and fitter and it is good for you because you will feel better.  Practise everyday.

From Jonathan

Dear Tigger

I am sorry that you get butterflies in your stomach.  Just start and keep running because you'll get better at running.  Any by the way thanks for the reply saying how you will solve being smelly.
Soo you'll be the best in the class.

From Josh C

Dear Tigger

Running is good exercise because if you run really fast your'll get so fit.  But if yur tired jog a bit more slowly.  I think it give you energy too.

From Henry

Dear Tigger

At cross country I came second last and I didn't like that either.  I have decided to practice and you should too.  Then you can run fast!  At cross country, I decided to pace myself to save energy because I would waste energy and get puffed. That didn't work so now I train hard.

From Taylor

Dear Tigger
Another problem well here's some advice.  Keep on trying to run because running helps you get better at it.  Also you could say in your head 'I can do it!  I can do it!' because it will make you run faster.  If you don't want to get puffed you could jog at the start and sprint at the finish line.

From your Pen Pal Parker

Dear Tigger

I heard you are having trouble and you're pen pal's are here to help.  When you are running you should jog slowly because then you will not get puffed.  Wear short and running shoes to make you more comfortable.  Did you know Tigger everyone runs at a different speed.  If you exercise every day you will get better and you will be able to run faster.  You might even WIN!

From Jessica

Dear Tigger

Thank you for your letter.  I heard there was another problem.  Here are some ideas that may help that I made up.  If you keep trying you can get better at running.  You should ask your friends if they want to do a race at playtime.  You could do a face by yourself and you can get better because you've practised.  I don't like running either.

From Charlotte 

Dear Tigger

Thanks for the reply.  You can concentrate because you can get 1st, 2nd or 3rd.  Keep trying to get better you can do this by running races by yourself or with firends.  Exercise twice a day to get fitter and your foot speed will increase. 
It is important to wear short and running shoes so you are comfortable.  When you start to run jog slowly rather that really fast.  I hope you know that everyone sometimes run at different speeds and not everyone can win.  But you can persevere.
These are my ideas to help you.

From Chay Hong

Dear Tigger

You should run more often because you will get fit and it will make you better at running. You will feel good a bout yourself.

From Max.

Dear Tigger

You should run because it makes you fit and you might get better every time.  Run at a different speed so you can check what ones better for you.  You can come last but its just for fun and fitness.

From Felix

Dear Tigger

Practise running at hoome, run every day, jog, sprint and don't talk to your friends.  Put on shorts and fast shoes.  A tee shirt will also help you feel more comfortable.  Persevere to get better.

From Finn

Dear Tigger

Another problem!  Well I'm here to help you.  Keep trying to run and you will get better at it.  Think in your hear and don't be scared to run races by yourself because it is fun.  You will get faster and win if you keep practising.  Did you know that everyone runs at different speeds and that ok.  Running keeps you fit so jog slowly and good luck.  Thanks for your reply.

Love your Pen Pal
Isabella I


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Second Letter from Tigger!

Dear Room 11

Thank you for writing back to me.  You have some very good advice and I like how I could read it on the class blog!  Since you were so helpful can you help again.
Last night at the dinner table, I ate all the food on my plate!
Well, I ate everything apart from my vegetables.

My mum saw that I had left all the vegetables on my plate and then she said I wasn't allowed to leave the table until I had eaten them all!  I don't like vegetables though!  Why must I eat them?

Please help!

Yours sincerly


These are our replies.

Dear Tigger

There are some vegetables that I don't like either.  If you don't eat your vegetable you won't grow up to be big and strong.  You might also get bad skin and teeth.  
You should try new types of food because they are not as bad as you think  If you try them you might like them.   
You also need vitamins to stay alive longer and grow up to be a great dad.  Finally you might get a disease.  Never forget that you need fruit and vegetables to help you to grow.

From Brock

To Tigger

Last night at the dinner table you should of ate your vegetables because they're good for you.  Tonight at dinner you can give them a try and you'll find out that you will be healthier and bounce higher.
I know that you will like them and I would like you come to my place and have dinner with my family and just taste how nice they are.

From Levi

Dear Tigger

Thank you for your letter.  I'm sure that if you tried eating vegetables you will begin to like them.  They will make you strong and stop you getting a disease.  So try different vegetables and see what one you like and you'll not get sick.  You do know that if yo don't eat your vegetables you won't get vitamins that you need.  Please eat or try your vegetables.

From Issy


Monday, February 17, 2014

Mystery Letter from Tigger

Today in Room 11 we received a letter from Tigger.  We don't know who he is but, he wrote this.

17th February

Dear Room 11

I am going to be your pen pal and I have been having some problems lately and I need your help.

I know this really cool game and I want to play it with my friends every morning tea and lunchtime.  I enjoy playing the game and I usually always win. Sometimes my friends have said they didn’t want to play my game and they want to play something else or even want to play with someone else.  I think that they mustn’t like me any more and don’t want to be my friend.  I was so sad I sat and cried under the slide at morning tea because my friends won’t play with me.  What should I do?

From Tigger

So we decided to write back and be a friend. 

Dear Tigger,
Thank your for the letter.  I  am so sad to hear you were crying underneath the slide and I think that maybe you can play on the slide.  Maybe you could make some new friends or let other people have a chance to win the game will help you with your problem.
Hope you are feeling better.
From Alice

Dear Tigger,  
Thank you for your letter.  I would like to be your pen pal.  I am sorry to hear that you were crying under the slides.  Your friends still like you but they are probably sick of playing  the same game every day and you winning.  You could take turns to play each other's games.
I hope you make friends soon.

From Jessica.

Dear Tigger,
I heard about your playing problem and I am here to help with that, ok.  Firstly for once just try playing another game.  I think in trying that it could be more fun for you and your friends and you could get good at it.  OH, and I want to be your pen pal so keep writing letters.  Secondly, you could make up a game that you aren't good at.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rainy Day

Drip, drop, drip, drop, drop; Soggy droppy rain falls down onto shiny stones.  The light grey clouds just like twilight drop rains like cats and dogs all over the city.  People wearing coats holding umbrellas over their heads.  Hoping the rain would stop.  All over town on the cars wipers are ready to wipe through the heavy rain.

By Alice

The light grey clouds are dropping big drops of rain and the rocks in the concrete are shining on the ground.  It is wet and cold and we want to go outside and play.

Ella W

The rain pours down in buckets as the wind blows it sideays.  The rain splaters onto window and speeds past door.  The rain pours onto the ground and makes it slippy.  Smoke from firs pours out of chimenys and it snakes up into the air.  the rain falls like crystals and plops into the pond.  It get fuller and fuller - will it flood?  After the rain the sun makes everything shine.


Writing about the rain.

The men ran away as huge amounts of shiny drops of rain pour down.  The rocks now shine lightly in the dim light.  With the crystal shine of rain reflecting from the glass windows of the buildings sinking with rain that also crawls down the cars.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014


For Numeracy today we thought about the number fifty. Mrs Faithful gave us different equipment to make the number fifty and this is how we made it.

Making the number 50 on PhotoPeach

Welcome to Room 11 2014

Welcome to all of the students and families of Room 11 for 2014.

I look forward to working with you all.

Last Art Project for 2013

Mixed media Little Red Riding Hood Art on PhotoPeach