Monday, June 23, 2014

Matariki Ghost Lantern

It was on Saturday 21st of June and the splendid Matariki Parade and fireworks was held in the Octagon. There were ghost’s, a massive swan, a 3m castle, a unicorn, sheep numbered 1-6, people on stilts, drums, teddy bear heads and a taniwha. But it was too windy for fireworks. All of the unusual creatures were not real but lanterns. The lanterns are made out of tissue paper. The biggest lantern was the 3m castle. Matariki is celebrated on the shortest day of the year and is Maori New Year. Someday I hope I’m in the Matariki parade.

By Stefan

At the midwinter carnival there was a spectacular taniwha, a fabulous spider and flies, an awesome unicorn and a beautiful swan. Some cats, bears, castles and clouds too. It was fantastic. There would have been about 2000 people there, including Felix and Finn. I was up high on mum & Dad's shoulders so I could see everything. When Dad put me down, I had pins and needles screaming in my legs. I thought it was really ticklish. I want to go again next year. Written by Oscar.

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  1. Great job making your ghost Luca. Even though it took a long time it was worth the effort. - Marika