Monday, October 31, 2011

Looking at fractions

In the I-suite today you are to check the link for your maths groups and think about your learning intention:

WALT - make halves and quarters of a set Circles

WALT - Order fractions Stars

WALT Use multiplication to find a fraction of a set Squares

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Paint me a Picture - Show not Tell

In our writing we have been trying to show not tell the reader what is happening.

These are our first try at this. We were allowed to use only one sentence. Mrs Faithful gave us - The man went down the street. (Tell)
This is what we did to the sentence to show. Please leave a comment on the one that you think paints the best picture.

The tired man strolled along the cold wind swept street. Sylvie
The young jogger ran along the winding path. Tiara
The young man walked chirply down the patterned pavement with a sweet smell of flowers swirling around him. Olivia
The old man was walking slowly along enjoying the summer breeze. Jay
The laughing boy rode his bike really fast down the street to his school. Riley
The man strolled quickly down the street towards the new supermarket carrying his shopping bags. Brandon
The man strolled quickly along the short bumpy path towards the huge supermarket. Maisie
The lazy old man strolled slowly along the pathway stopping to lift his head to the summer breeze. Jemma
The skinny young boy ran quickly along the steep empty road on a fine summers day. Elizabeth
The old man trotted down the winter street pulling his slow dog. Ty-Rae
The old man stepped slowly trough the cold wind of the winters day. Anika
The sleepy man strolled down the leafy street yawning outside his mothers gate. Georgia
The wrinkly old man crawled along the patterned floor in search of his glasses. George
The old man strolled slowly with a smile on his face in the hot summer street. Crystal
The old man strolled slowly along the hot summer footpath to his building. Payge
The old man was outside his house standing, waiting, on the snowy wet day. Koal
The old man stopped to look at the bright yellow flowers growing in the garden. Gayatri
The old mean man jogged fast down the long steep concrete path towards the resthome that held his old friends. Samantha
The man strolled down the straight road to the new supermarket. Emily
The young painters stood at his easel painting the enormous castle on the mountain in front of him. Devon
The tired old man walked silently down the concrete path. Blake
The old man walked down the road with his old friend with bright
red hair. Kaleb
The very old man was walking done the road kicking autumn leaves. Izac
The jogger saw a littel girl skipping so he stopping and skipped too. Brooklyn
The man walkied slowly down the twisting garden path. Charlize

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Super Hero Fundraising Day

The Student Council decided two weeks ago at a meeting to hold a Super Hero Day to fundraise for Caledonian Children. The Funds raised will go towards paying for school uniforms so the children can go to school. We raised $210 on our coin trail. Each uniform costs $20 so this will mean 10 children will get a uniform and then they can go to school.
The favourite Super Hero costume was the blue Smurf in room 7. Ioane and Olivia.

Super Hero Day on PhotoPeach

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Middle Syndicate Production - Colour My World

Here is a video of our class, Room 8, at dress rehearsal. At the show we had our faces painted. This is only our class item shown here for those who missed it.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Waiata - One Step Two Step

Here we perform our supporting waiata One Step, Two Step after our school haka to welcome the Irish Rugby Team Players.