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Dragon Fly Girl

Once upon a time the Mayoress was at home reading the newspaper when she read the headline. The magic crystal had bean stolen by the Evil Wizard.

The Mayoress knew that she the Dragon Fly girl had to get back the crystal. Going to her secret lair under the pond she changed into the best super hero the town had seen.
Just a few minutes later after she left she saw a thistle. She was horrified – this was the only thing that could take her powers away – just when she needs them all. Avoiding the thistle and feeling a little weak she went to the Evil Wizards old lair. Good no thistle here and I am feeling stronger. I will need all my strength to beat Wizard and get the Crystal back.

Flying into Evil Wizards lair she caught him sleeping. How lucky she thought. Going quietly she picked up the Crystal and tied up the Wizard before he could wake and set a spell on her. Taking Evil Wizard to Prison she left the Crystal on the policeman’s desk where it would be returned to its owner.

All her work done she returned to the pond the emerged as the Mayoress to continue her day job.

Written by Nicola

Angel Girl to the Rescue

Susie Crabgrass the millionaire was in town at the shopping mall getting her groceries and was just about to get some food for her cat fluffy when out of nowhere comes Green Bean!. Green bean is Angel Girl’s arch enemy and has been since they were babies.

She had to get fluffy the cat SUPER CAT food because. Fluffy her cat a Super Hero Cat!

Green bean had recognised Susie and knew that it really was Angel Girl! He point his gun at Angel Girls head knowing that this is her weakness and it would he shot right away thinking this is the end of her meddling in my bad ways. “I’ve got you now” he said. “No you don’t” she said. She put her electric plate to full speed “I’ve got out of the way in the last split second,“ she said.

Green Bean got a fright at her speed and ran away. Susie hoped that no-one noticed and carried on with her shopping. She thought I better get a new pair of strong wings in case my old ones break.

She ran into Wings Are Us. She thought about her logo she decided to get another in case hers ripped. They were perfect. She asked at the pitch black counter if they had any logos the same as hers. They said yes, right this way. They went into a room that said logos on a big sign. As they walked in her eyes lit up “WOW” she said amazed. It was just like a factory.. She grabbed five logos. Then ran out the door. “You’re supposed to pay for them,” the shopkeeper yelled. But she didn’t listen because she was on a mission.

Putting on the new wings she flew to her secret lab and changed into her costume and ran back like a strike of lightning. Using her super duper binoculars she spotted Green Bean again looing for trouble flying around on his electric plate.

“I told you to stay away and stop your evil ways,.” yelled Angel Girl as he jumped off her electric plate as they met above the skyscraper. He joined her grabbing his gun from under his vest. He shot Angel Girl in the head. ‘I’ve killed her! That meddling Girl will haunt me no more!’ he yelled in victory. “Angel girl is finally dead!” he yelled again.

Unknown to him she was only stunned. “Don't forget we have 10 lives. But you have none!” She flew over Green Beans head and knocked him down. Tomorrows going to be another crime fighting day she said as she dragged Green Bean to a hole that she had dug earlier. She knew in this hole he would be trapped and the police would be able to again arrest him. Phoning the lawyer to get him to tell the police where he was she flew on her invisible disc to her secret lab to change .

Than carried on with her groceries picking up two cans of Super Cat Food and thinking of her crime fighting day. She was still alert waiting for the next call.


  1. i love your storys its very nice dragon fly girl its awsome.

  2. Good paragraph i like what your dragon can do i really really like yuor dragon maybe you could add some spikes and some massive gliding wings how long can its fire go up to how big is its tongue whays its special features?

  3. Wow!Great Story!

    Anika Rm15

  4. That is an amazing story ! I like angel girl to the rescue the best .

    Moorside primary school

  5. What Amazing Writing!!!