Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thinking about Prices and Money

Max sorted the coins to pay for a pineapple that cost $2.70. He used four coins to make up that amount.

Thinking about money

Ella is buying milk. Each bottle costs 2.30 each. Ella knows that for two bottles she needs $4.60. She took a photo of the coins she will need to give the shopkeeper.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Save our Beach

Save our Beach on PhotoPeach

Strike Performance


Today we watched a performance called Strike. There were many different types of drums. They were hanging from a scaffold. The performers were beating the drums very quickly. They were using four beaters to play a marimba. The music was so loud my ear drums were exploding like TNT! It was so loud Mrs Faithful let me and Taylor in the library. Henry

On Tuesday a band called strike came to school.
They showed as there drums that they had brought.
They had log drums, snare drums, a bass drum,and a wood drum.
They also told us about the elements fire,air,water,and earth.
It was amazing to know that they practiced ten hours a day.
The performance was fantastic.
I came back from the show with hot ears because of the racket of the drums. Josh