Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Playground Report - look at the photos further down our blog

At St Clair school we have a new Junior Playground.
It is made from natural products, such as wood, sand and dirt.

The builders used many, of materials and tools. They are,
logs, wood, sand, nails and bolts and the tools are a hammer, chain saw,
digger and to name some of them.

They used the wood for the edges of the sand pit and for the huts, walking
plank and stepping stones.

They used the chain saw for cutting the wood to the right length. They
had saw from each side to cut through the stepping poles. Also the builders cut some of the wood lengths with it.

They used the hammer for hammering in the nail’s and
bolt’s into the wood. They used the bolts to hold everything together very securely.

The builders used the digger to make some room for the
sandpit and the garden beside the sand pit. A large truck arrived with sand and the digger unloaded it into the sand pit area.

The playground is enjoyed by many children and looks great and fun to play in. Anika age 7

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Charlottes Web - by E B White

Our class has finished the classbook and here is what we say about it.

Charlottes Web
This is a book about Wilbur and Fern. They are best friends and then Charlotte comes along.
She saves his life by making Wilbur famous. The main characters are Fern, Charlotte and Wilbur. I enjoyed this book as it made me laugh in some places. - Anika 8

Charlottes Web.
A small piglet was born on a farm and Fern the farmers daughter wanted it for a pet. Eventually Wilbur the pig left their farm and this is when he meets Charlotte. She is very clever and ends up saving his life. She does a trick on her web that has everyone talking. I enjoyed the book and think other people my age would too. Jemma - 7

Charlottes Web.
The main characters in this story are all animals that you would find on a farm. Wilbur is a pig who is a pet of Fern the farmers daughter, Charlotte is a wise spider and Templeton is a rat. This is a story about friendship because Charlotte saves Wilbur from certain death. I enjoyed this book and think other children would too. Sylvie - 7

Charlottes Web.
Wilbur is a pig that is Ferns pet on her family farm. He is sold to the Zukerrmans' and this is when he meets Charlotte. Fern visits Wilbur everyday after school. She sits in the barn with the animals and listens to them all talking to one another. This is where they meet Charlotte who will save Wilburs' life. I enjoyed this story. Samantha - 7

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Shape Poems

This is our final poetry genre for our unit of work exploring the language and organisational features of poetry.

Follow this link and start using all of your describing words!

Happy writing.

Speling for week 10 starting July 4th

Welcome to your spelling link. Happy Spelling!