Monday, December 12, 2011

Art Works Inspired By Paul Klee

Art Inspired By Paul Klee on PhotoPeach

To use primary colours to mix shades of primary and tertiary colours.

Success Criteria
I have used secondary and tertiary colours to complete a portrait, in the surrealist style of Paul Klee.

We were given white, red, yellow and blue paint to create our pictures. It was difficult to get the correct shades we wanted.

Lolly Cake for Morning Tea

Delicious Lolly Cake on PhotoPeach

Today all the students in Room 8 were really spoilt. Riley's mum made us delicious Lolly Cake. He passed it around and we all agreed it was very kind and thoughtful to make this for us to enjoy. Thank you!

Art at the Art Gallery with John

Art at the Dunedin Art Gallery

Disappearing Into the Distance Art on PhotoPeach

On Friday room 8 went to the art gallery.
First we had a look a round and put are bags in a room.
Second we looked at a picture that you new how the artist
felt when he was painting it and we had a couple of those paintings. Then we had morning tea then we went into a panting room and panted are own sky and mountains and grass. Then put signs and people on it. Then we went on a
bus back to school. I had a really fun day!!! Anika

On Tuesday the Sixth Room 8 went to the Art gallery. Firstly we went to see some beautiful pictures of people in the olden days. Next we went in the gym it was so amazing because when you punch this punching bag it makes a funny noise. At the art gallery we went in the painting room and did some amazing , fantastic painting before we went to have our morning tea.After the painting we went back on the bus to school and did some more school work.I was soooo tired after that I thought I would fall asleep. Tiara

Making Stars and Boxes with Mrs French

Yesterday I went to Room 17 and made ninja stars. I made a star box as well . It was quite hard but it worked out in the end. Riley

Origami stars with Mrs French
Today room 8 went in to room 17 to do some origami. First we did heaps of folding and cutting. Then we decorated the paper and folded some more we ended up with a really cool Christmas star. I’m going to hang it on my Christmas tree. I had fun we made a ninja star box too. I had an excellent time in room 17. Thank you Mrs French. Devon

Middles Cross Country, Picnic and Pool Fun Day

A Glimpse of Cross Country, Picnic and Pool on PhotoPeach

On the day of the cross country I felt very nervous . I had been training for it for a while now. The middle team walked to Kettle Park for the Cross Country. When we got there Mrs Wood had a talk to us. The year fours were last to run. I came fifth in my cross country race.
Afterwards we had a picnic at the park and walked to the salt water pool to have a swim. I got dressed a bit earlier than the others.
When we got back to the school the bell had just rung. What a big day! Blake

Senior Production

The Senior Production was on Friday the 9th. They sang Love, Love, Love, Count on Me and One Step Two Step. They used drums, boxes, tins and stools to create a fantastic drum beat. When they moved position to play class songs they used this and to me it looked like they were playing musical statues.
My brother George was also in the performance. he was in the front row. When they sang Count on Me he used a microphone with another boy called Nick. We all saw it after lunch and it was amazing.
Have you ever been in a performance. Well this is one not to miss! Samantha

On Friday the 9th of December the seniors had there stupendous production. They had an entrance song on the marimbas. I thought it was cool. No one told me Manawa was playing the entrance song on the Sopranos, though I was amazed with it. The seniors did lots of songs and pieces. My legs hurt from the long walk we had done to get to the PAC Centre. I did not know what my brothers piece of music was called but it was amazing. Some people thought it was just good but I corrected them saying “no it was amazing I actually thought it was STUPENDOUS!!!”. My favourite part was room 13’s marimba part because my brother was in it with Mr Hunter. They did some fantastic songs. One step two steps was my favourite. At the end the year 6’s did a play saying goodbye. I thought people were about to cry but I wasn’t going to because I knew I would see most of my brothers friends again. I knew I would see Jack and my brother again most of all because Jack is my brothers best friend, so I didn’t have to worry as much as other people.

Written by Payge

The senior production was great. My favourite
performance of the lot was the high five performance. Me and Riley were setting beside each other. Riley had a really cool toy with him. The production took until home time. When the screen said room 12 performs Scooby doo they were lying, but I didn’t mind. I just kept on watching the show. The seniors must have of put a lot of practice into the production. Jonathan

YAY! When I am a senior I’ll do the senior production as well! Last Friday the middles and juniors went to watch the senior production. Mrs Faithful said that we could go for lunch. And Then we had a play and the hand bell rang so we all lined up on our class number. Our class strolled to the PAC Centre. Then we sat down and we all went quiet because the production was about to start. The music started to play. The seniors played the marimbas Mrs Caldwell she helped the seniors keep the right time. My favourite part was when they sang Count on Me. They did a fantastic job on their production. They had lots of music and lots of singing. Emily

Talking to England, Cheshire

Monday morning Rm 8 Skyped Sylvie! We asked her some questions and we found out...
She is in Cheshire England. It is Sunday at 8pm while it was 9am Monday here 13 hours ahead of her. Money in England is called Pounds. To get from Austria where she had been skiing she had to take two buses, 4 trains and a 2hr flight - image how long that would take. We looked at the atlas and saw that it is quite a distance.
We also saw an amazing decorated Christmas tree and meet Amber her grandmothers beautiful white fluffy cat.

We signed off saying Merry Christmas and see you in the New Year. Jemma

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

End of Year Music Presentation

Sylvie in Austria

 We enjoyed hearing from Sylvie Via Skype - she has posted this on our wiki page.
When I was in Austria, the snow didn’t come for 4 days! But we didn’t go skiing until Thursday because the ski fields aren’t open till then. We stayed at a guest house called Hotel Sursilva and it was on the side of a mountain in a little village called Lech. On Monday morning, mum woke me up and shouted ‘ The snow has come! Look out the window.’ So I looked out the window and mum was right… the roofs of houses were covered with snow, the ground had snow about 2
feet high, and best of all… the mountain was covered in snow! Hooray!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Week 7 spelling - Long 'oo' sound

This week we are looking at the letters that combine to make the long 'oo' sound.

Group 1 Penguins

Group 2 Frogs

Group 3 Birds