Monday, February 17, 2014

Mystery Letter from Tigger

Today in Room 11 we received a letter from Tigger.  We don't know who he is but, he wrote this.

17th February

Dear Room 11

I am going to be your pen pal and I have been having some problems lately and I need your help.

I know this really cool game and I want to play it with my friends every morning tea and lunchtime.  I enjoy playing the game and I usually always win. Sometimes my friends have said they didn’t want to play my game and they want to play something else or even want to play with someone else.  I think that they mustn’t like me any more and don’t want to be my friend.  I was so sad I sat and cried under the slide at morning tea because my friends won’t play with me.  What should I do?

From Tigger

So we decided to write back and be a friend. 

Dear Tigger,
Thank your for the letter.  I  am so sad to hear you were crying underneath the slide and I think that maybe you can play on the slide.  Maybe you could make some new friends or let other people have a chance to win the game will help you with your problem.
Hope you are feeling better.
From Alice

Dear Tigger,  
Thank you for your letter.  I would like to be your pen pal.  I am sorry to hear that you were crying under the slides.  Your friends still like you but they are probably sick of playing  the same game every day and you winning.  You could take turns to play each other's games.
I hope you make friends soon.

From Jessica.

Dear Tigger,
I heard about your playing problem and I am here to help with that, ok.  Firstly for once just try playing another game.  I think in trying that it could be more fun for you and your friends and you could get good at it.  OH, and I want to be your pen pal so keep writing letters.  Secondly, you could make up a game that you aren't good at.

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  1. Great answers Guys to Tiggers problem. How also suggesting her write to some of his friends asking for a playdate?
    Love reading your solutions Ruth Alice's Mum