Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Second Letter from Tigger!

Dear Room 11

Thank you for writing back to me.  You have some very good advice and I like how I could read it on the class blog!  Since you were so helpful can you help again.
Last night at the dinner table, I ate all the food on my plate!
Well, I ate everything apart from my vegetables.

My mum saw that I had left all the vegetables on my plate and then she said I wasn't allowed to leave the table until I had eaten them all!  I don't like vegetables though!  Why must I eat them?

Please help!

Yours sincerly


These are our replies.

Dear Tigger

There are some vegetables that I don't like either.  If you don't eat your vegetable you won't grow up to be big and strong.  You might also get bad skin and teeth.  
You should try new types of food because they are not as bad as you think  If you try them you might like them.   
You also need vitamins to stay alive longer and grow up to be a great dad.  Finally you might get a disease.  Never forget that you need fruit and vegetables to help you to grow.

From Brock

To Tigger

Last night at the dinner table you should of ate your vegetables because they're good for you.  Tonight at dinner you can give them a try and you'll find out that you will be healthier and bounce higher.
I know that you will like them and I would like you come to my place and have dinner with my family and just taste how nice they are.

From Levi

Dear Tigger

Thank you for your letter.  I'm sure that if you tried eating vegetables you will begin to like them.  They will make you strong and stop you getting a disease.  So try different vegetables and see what one you like and you'll not get sick.  You do know that if yo don't eat your vegetables you won't get vitamins that you need.  Please eat or try your vegetables.

From Issy


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