Thursday, May 15, 2014

Beginning our unit of Inquiry about Sand

Sand on PhotoPeach

We discovered that wet sand sticks together and dry sand doesn't.  We also found out the the further you were from the water the deeper you had to dig to find water.

All of the class had fun building castles and looking and touching sand.

Here are some of our wonderings.

What is it made of? - Max,

How does it get made in the water? Isabella

How deep is the sand?  Alice

How far out to sea does the sand go?  Oscar

How does sand get put onto the beach?- Max

How does sand get put on the beach - Issy

Who made it? Charlotte

Where does it come from? - Jessica

How can water go through sand?  Taylor

How much sand is there? Chay Hong

What doe it look like under a microscope and does sand all feel the same?  - Finn

What is sand actually - What is it made from? - Luca

I wonder what sand is made of for it to have sparkles in it?  Cate

What can we use sand for?  Alice

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