Thursday, May 19, 2011

Visiting Specialist - Andrea from ADInstruments

On Wednesday afternoon Andrea came to talk to us about colour and the natural world. She told us about herself and career in science. She had many interesting photos showing us about colour in nature.
We saw pictures of camouflage animals such as octopus, chameleon and peahen.
Andrea told us how plant flowers used ultra violet light to attract bees so that the flowers are pollinated. I learnt that leaves look green but they also have red, yellow and orange underneath and we see this in autumn when the green fades away.
olour is also used to warn others e.g. red toadstools are poisonous, snakes and monark butterflies are too.
We also learnt that some plants and animals have no colour and are called albino.
Thank you for coming to our class and helping us learn and understand colour in nature.
Written by Samantha.

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