Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Day of the School Flood!!

After my friend and I finished our lunch, we started playing until a gnormous dark, black cloud came. It started to rain and there was loud, terrifying thunder and lightning.
It was striking the school. Everyone ran inside. The water was going under the doors and through the roof. Suddenly the power died. Then “BANG” the heating went off. I looked up at the ceiling. A drop of water fell right on my forehead. I looked down on the carpet. It was all soggy so I ran outside and all I could see was black!!! I ran as fast as I could to the principals office. Mr Newton said “I’ll ring your parents, It’s unsafe to stay at school”. Oh No - there’s no signal. We had to go up on the balcony and get the signal back. The parents could see the storm from their houses so they rushed to school. When they eventually got there I felt saved! When I got home I had a cup of tea and sat next to a warm fire.
Well – that was a great adventurous day for me at school.

By Adam


  1. That sounds really exiting! Grace St lukes

    WOW I wish I were there! Alice St lukes

  2. WOW! It sounds fab wish I was there.
    Did any one get hurt?
    How high was the water?
    How far did the flood spread?
    Ethan st lukes primary

  3. It must of been terrifying in that thing going under the doors and leaking through the roof. If I was there I bet you don't know what I do, I'd get some goggles do some swimming and if the lightning struck again I'd shout "stop striking you striking electricity!" Pretty weird huh, Jacob

  4. Hi i hope you are back to school now. Despite there being a flood i hope your alright it must have been a great expriance. If that happened at my school I would be scared. How high did the water go? when the electricety went out was you scared?

  5. The flod sounded scary but if i were you i'd take my goggles

  6. Read your blog it sounds awful! Are any are you hurt? How high was the water? How long are you off school? When did the rain stop or is it happening now?
    William from St. Luke's school

  7. Hi I saw your blog and it sounds really scary.
    Is every one ok?
    Did it go in your house?
    When did the rain stop?

    By Ruby at St . Lukes

  8. Are any of you hurt? How big did the waves get? Has the rain stopped yet?

    By George from st. Lukes school

  9. Wow that sounds terrifeing are you ok?Is any one hurt?It would be really scary if I was there was it scary for you?How high did the water go? Was it a great adventure for you? Did you see all the water come in the place you were? Was it an a adventure as well as a quite scary experiance?
    by Katrin st Lukes primary school

  10. Wow that sound exciting. Did the flood get bigger , bigger and bigger? Was you parent's scarify .By George st luke's school England

  11. Hi it sounds really scary what time did the rain stop?How high was it? Did the school get soaked? I bet you were really scared.

    by sam at st.lukes

  12. Was it so scary for you when it hapend in your school? Did any one get hurt at all? How high idi the water get? Did the sky get really dark when you was outside playing with your friends? What was you playing outside? Then did you notics the dark sky.

    by Lily from St Luke's primary school

  13. Wer you ok. Did you get saoked?

    Nate st.lukes primary school

    1. Thank you for your concern but these stories are fiction. It is good to know that our writing was so realistic. Mrs Faithful St Clair School

  14. Awsome I have seen lots of floods on TV programs but I'd never thought that a school would have a flood.:-o

  15. That is a brilliant story it is adventurous and exiting. :)

  16. Wow that was an amazing story I thought it was real at first. Well Done.

    Moorside Primary School