Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Day of the School Flood.

We all ran outside to play on the bars after eating our delicious lunches. Suddenly the dark, black clouds started gathering. “Oh No Look it’s raining. Let’s go inside” So we went inside. We were playing dominoes, then I noticed the school grounds were starting to flood. Water was leaking through the doors and coming in through the roof. “Lets tell a teacher” I said. The teacher said “ I’ll go tell Mr Newton”. Mr Newton said “I’ll ring your mums and dads so you can go home”. He rang our mums and dads and told them the school has to close because there has been a flood and the electricity has been cut off. “Why do we have to go home” I asked. “I want to stay. Look everyone there’s lightning!! It looks like it will crack the ground” We knew it was unsafe for us to stay at school. Finally the parents arrived. What a terrifying day I’d had! When I got home I had a hot chocolate in front of the fire and told my mum and dad what a scary day it had been!!

By Tesha


  1. WOW Tesha thats a very cool story i love how you said are delicous lunch
    Alisha rm15

  2. Wow that sound exciting and scary I can just picture it in my head I like some words you used like terrifying
    from SG of st.lukes primary school England

  3. It sounds very exiting and I wish I was there! Did anyone get hurt? I like the words you use. from GD of ST.Lukes England.

  4. That sounds really cool. I hope everyone's ok hope no one got hurt.
    Grace St lukes.

    Is it gone now? Alice St lukes

  5. WOAH! That must of been very scary! Are you ok after the flood, did any one get hurt? Were you very scared? How high did the flood go! I bet you were very scared because I would be terrified!

    By Katie from St.luke's school