Thursday, September 19, 2013

Daise Doors Special Spy

One day Daise’s phone rang Ring, Ring, Ring! Daise picked up the phone and a voice said, “Is this Daise Door special spy?”
“Yes it is I.  Daise Doors Special Spy.”
I have a special job just for you quick come to the library
in the center of town.  Look said the librarian half of the books are missing this is a job for daise door special spy daise stayed at library all day.

She creeped and she peered everywhere.

In the morning Daise heard her phone ring again ring ,ring ring she answered her phone, “Hello this is Daise Door special spy.” she said.
“Come to the library quick,” said the voice on the phone. “Ok,”  said Dasie Door.
So she got in her car and drove off to the library and the libarian said to Daise with a distressed voice, “Look more books are gone!”
Daise stayed at the library day and night.   She turned the lights on whenever she heard a creak, groan or squeek. Turning the lights on she caught the robber red-handed. Thinking quickly she got a nearby trolley  and pushed it to the robber making him fall over.   But he wasn’t down for long and got up very quickly!  Daisie seeing this slid over a table and got him by holding him in a special spy lock.   She rang the police who arrived to arrest him and that was the end of that robber.  by Mia

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