Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Graffiti in the Library

Graffiti in the Library.

Rachael’s phone went dong, ding, dang! A voice asked,
“Hello is this Rachael”
“Yes it is I the Super Smart Spy!”    
“Ohh good! Can you come to the primary school library  soon as possible,” the voice asked.  
“I will definity be there in three minutes. Bye for now,” said Rachael.
Three minutes later Rachael was at the school library door.  It flung open and Mr O’Sharrle said,  “Look there’s paint on the walls and PVA on the carpet!  I don’t know what happened or who did it but it happened last night.” said Mr O’Sharrle.
Rachael looked all day she peered and peeked she snuck and sneaked but she didn’t find a spec of dust anywhere or any clues to solve the mystery.   
Mr S’Sharrle helped her but no clues.  He left to find some papers and Racheal to find anything in or on the last shelf.
She was peering and peeking, seaching and scouring when suddenly some one grabbed Rachael from behind and stuck a gag on her mouth to stop her scream.  To her horror they then stuffed her in a sack.  Help she thought.
Just Mr O’Sharrle returned to see an evil person stuffing Racheal in a sack.  He reached for the heaviest book he could and struck the evil one on the head making a loud thump noise.  Racheal heard the noise and was frightened.  Next thing she knew the sack was being opened and she saw Mr O’Sarrle and an evil one on the floor unconscious.  
Mr O’Sarrle quickly took the gag off Racheal and she said, “Thank you now lets check the evil on and I suspect he was the one who did the crime.”
Racheal picked up the evil ones hand and sure enough his hands were covered in paint and PVA glue.  “We have our culprit.  Ring the police Mr O’Sarrle!”  Written by Nicola

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