Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our Detective Stories

My Milly the Detective

Ring Ring! Detective Milly picked up her phone, “ Hello Detective Milly here.”
“Hi Milly, no time to talk! I need you at the Dunedin bank,” said her boss.
“Sure I’ll come as fast as lightning,” replied Milly  
“See you soon” replied her boss.
Detective Milly ran as fast as a cheater to the Dunedin City Bank.
When she got there, there was a huge mess on the grey carpet.
“Thank goodness you’re here .We had a robbery over night.” said the anxious bank manager.  “I am sure you have noticed the horrible mess.” he said with a worried look on his face.
“I will get straight to work..” said Detective Milly confidently. “Wait I am not done. We found some pale pink clothing attached to the nail over there. Look!”
Detective Milly got straight to work. She soon found a finger print on the dusty desk.  She got out her gadget and analyzed it.  It only took two minutes before She found out the fingerprint belonged to Zac her mums cousin.
Zac is not usually a criminal and she was so surprised. Out came the proud bank manager to thank her very much for all her hard work. He and his team could then tidy the bank up.
Detective Milly rang her boss and he sent the police to capture Zac.  Police pulled up at his last know address and arrested him after a short gun battle.  Once arrested and tried Zac got sent to jail for twenty years..That was the end of that crime . For now...   Written by Emma

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