Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our Character Descriptions

Today we drew our own scarecrow and wrote a description of if to give a reader a picture of it in their head.

My scarecrow stands tall on the stake in the middle of the pumpkin patch. He's got hay in his clothes to make his body round. He's wearing a black hoodie. He's got an old brown hat that's ruined from the rain and sun. He's got blue suit pants that have hold in the legs. His green hat sit tightly on his head. The wind hasn't blown it off. He's got bird poo on his hat because this scare crow isn't scarey! Written by Sean.

The scarecrow stared vacantly over the silent field like a statue, keeping the birds at bay. Then one of the birds swept in beside him and the wing fluttering generated wind causing the hay to flutter. Thinking that the arm was moving the bird flew away like a rocket. The scarecrow had superior bright red zigzag overalls. One of the straps was dangling like the tail of a lion. His bandana was pitch black like midnight and his hat was a startling lime green.         By Ollie

There standing in the enormous vegetable field is a big freaky scarecrow reaching out wide to warn the black pesky flapping birds. It is like he is saying to get out and not to mess with this scarecrow. His creepy face staring wildly scared all the greedy birds away. The scarecrow is as tall as an oversized giraffe. He’s reaching as wide as an eagle’s long flapping wings. His hay filled arms and legs are as skinny as a pin. His big long pants are stained with raspberry jam and his shirt is ripped and cut. His hat is weaved with old straw. He is tilting slightly to the left and the birds suddenly disappeared.          By Emma

A long time ago a scarecrow was standing frozen staring out along a small field of barley with her dark broken bits of wine bottle eyes stiffly jammed into her old potato sack head. The old black woolsack had the word POTATO printed on it in gigantic bold letters, right smack dab where the mouth would be. For when she was made nothing was put over the word potato so forever her mouth has been shut. An inch above the mouth there was a chunk of coal for a nose. And the hat was an old graduation hat from when the farmer graduated college. His top was an old very crinkled wheat sack, so crinkled you could barely read the word wheat printed on the front. Her legs out flour sacks covered in flups of four from spillages when filled with flour and the shoes were gigantic old clown shoes from a prize at a fun fair. As for the hand old wedding gloves from the farmers wedding they were pearl pink and stuffed with hay.         By Nicola

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