Monday, February 4, 2013

Stick Insect

On the 4.2.2013 Mrs Faithful brought an interesting about 13cm long.  Mrs Faithful our teacher found the insect on the wall of her house before Christmas.  It was dead on her front path the next day.  She picked it up and put it into a box to show us.
Tara and I think that it might be a bamboo stick insect.  Look at the picture.  What do you think?   By Nicola

Stick insect facts we know;

. it uses camouflage to hide from its enemies
.  it is green just like the leaves
.   Stick insects look like twigs and live on plants
.  the end of the stick insect body looks like new leaves growing

by Tara


  1. Hello there,
    Stick insects are fascinating creatures. I remember when I was in primary school my class had them as pets. We took it in turns to take them home for the weekend. I was too nervous to hold one.
    In our Year 4 class, we have GALS (Giant African Land Snails) Here is a link to a blog post from our blog

    Mrs Warner and Year 4

  2. What a great find by Mrs Faithful! I can see why Tara and Nicola thought it looked like a bamboo stick insect. It's interesting how the stick insect camouflages itself for protection against enemies. I wonder what enemies there were in Mrs Faithful's garden.
    Mrs Wood

  3. i really like the facts about the stick insect from Morgan

  4. Wow stick insects sound great, I wonder how they camouflage. Is there a certain amount of time they can stay camouflaged?

  5. It does look like it is made from bamboo sicks

  6. The stick insect does look really creepy and like a stick of course.

    From Fieldhead Carr

  7. Stick insects look really creepy and cool at the same time and I would of never found that in my whole life. Do you know what killed the insect?

    Year 4 fieldhead Carr Primary School.