Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Golf Lessons at School

This morning as part of P.E. our class had fun golf lessons. All the children were put into pairs to practise skills at three stations. There were different types of clubs for each activity. At the first station we had to hit the ball towards a target with the number one on it. It seemed very easy but in fact was extremely difficult. The second activity we had to lob the ball up with the club so it landed on the centre of the circle. I only managed to get it to happen once. It felt great. At the last station it was a puting type one where you had to roll the ball along the ground to the target. I hope we can do it again. Ollie

Golf on PhotoPeach


  1. that was the best blog I have ever been on

  2. Wow it looked like you had a great time. What were the activites in each area. Wow

  3. That looks really fun you must of had a great time doing golf i would love to try.