Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Gruffalo with Room 4

Wow! Room 11 and Room 4 just watched an amazing film call "The Gruffalo's Child. The Gruffalo's child sound like a scary and frightening story but it's actually a very nice story about a young and imaginative Gruffalo running away from his stone home in search of the big bad mouse. Room 11 and 4 had found out that the big bad mouse is actually the shadow of a little mouse who tricked the young Gruffalo so he wouldn't be eaten. You know what a Gruffalo likes most... Mouse meat curry. Yum! Well not really y-u-m only a Gruffalo would say that! By Tara

Room 4 buddy activity

Today Room 11 went down to Room 4 to make the Gruffalo's child. Firstly we had to buddy up with our partners. Secondly we got a piece of paper that had the Gruffalo's child on in pieces. Thirdly we got crayons and coloured it in. Fourthly we cut it out very carefully. Next the class glued the arms and legs to the body. Lastly we glued fur all over the body. the reason we did this is because it's going in the library. By Ollie

Finally we got to see our buddy class again. We worked with them to create our own Gruffalo's child. Firstly my partner and I coloured our Gruffalo in brown . Secondly we glued small bits of wool on our Gruffalo. Thirdly we stuck our gruffalo together. Lastly we glued small purple bits of fabric onto our Gruffalo's back then we showed it to Miss Pelvin, our buddy rooms teacher. By Nicola

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