Sunday, May 15, 2016

Character Descriptions

In room 12 we have been thinking about how to write an interesting character description.  These were our rules - not to list the characters traits, to use simile or metaphor to give the reader an image of what the character looks like, to add in part of the story with dialogue or thoughts, to use the scene as part of the description.

This is a sample of some of the writing we wrote from the picture above.

A small white figure stood alone in the middle of the frozen lake, looking up at the wintery skies above him..  "Yippie!"  yelled Olaf as he glided across the lake or as he called it, the ground.  Olaf the snowman didn't need any ice-skates.  His carrot nose wobbled as he lifted one leg into the air  his stone buttons pushed further in his tummy because of the tremendous wind.  His head nearly fell off because of the speed he was going. Olaf looked around.  he saw the trees shivering because of the winder cold.  Olaf didn't care, he just kept skating along.  Written by Jemma

Can you guess who was skating on the pond the other day?  It was Olaf!  his shimmering ice body sparkling in the sun.  The carrot above his moth orange as ever. his smile was the most noticeable thing about him.  Gleaming with joy as he twirled one last time.  As I thought he was going to leave his stick arms flew out in the air like a bird stretching its wings.  The three rock buttons on him tightly held him together as he leaned on one foot.  The hay hair on his head tossed and turned in the breeze.  his small chubby feet slipped and slid on the cold solid ice.  The trees about him were dusted with icing sugar snow that glinted in the morning sun.    Written by Niamh

As Olaf leapt across the glass like ice Sven sat there wondering does a snowman really need to throw himself over the frozen pond?  Olaf's laugh exploded around the snowy trees and ice filled land.  "Yipee," yelled Olaf, "No need for skates when your a snowman!"  Olaf and his orange carrot nose spun around the frozen pond like a frisby.  Sven was sitting on the frozen grass very surprised at what he was doing.  Olaf's twig hair was twirling and whirling all around like a bird who can't fly.  What fun!  Written by Jemma

Olaf ran to the frozen pond not feeling at all scared.  He lifted one of his stubby little marshmellow legs and yelled "No need for skates!"  So he skated along the ice lifting up his thin stick arms.  "WEEE!" yelled Olaf.  His orange pointy shaped nose wiggled in the breeze.  Sven was sitting on the soft like cotton ball snow watching.  He could tell Olaf was having fun because he had opened his wide mouth and you could see his one bunny tooth.  Written by Olive.

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