Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Big Bad Wolf - Character Descriptions

The big bad wolf was just about to make a cunning plan.  His big glooming eyes peered through the thick green bush and saw three little pigs skipping along the path.  He squeezed behind the bush. He was worried that he might give away his hiding spot because...His pants were way to red and puffy, but he thought of the yummy pork he could have tonight for his dinner.  
“That would be rather delicious,” he said. He put on his one hundred meter navy hat and stuffed on his white silky gloves, to hide his, terrible sharp claws that were sharper than ten knifes on a forks.  He is scary and if you could look right now you would see that he is eating the three little pigs! That's how bad he is!

                                               By Georgia
The Big Bad Wolf
The fierce big bad wolf sat behind a green prickly bush waiting for something yummy to come skipping along the forest path. Then, Suddenly something bright red caught his attention in the corner of his squinted eye. He watched this silky red cloak as it passed by the exact bush that the wolf was hiding behind. When the red cloak stopped at some lovely scented flowers, the big bad wolf was still peering at the red cloak with his big gloomy eyes. He thought, mmm… Well, well, well! What have we got here. I’m guessing it’s a little girl. He threw on his blue tall top hat and positioned his sharp pointed claws ready to grab the girl! He waited for the right time,   1.2.3. Go!........   by Safera

The Small Squashed Wolf
“Mmmmm” Whispered the Big Bad Wolf,
“What do we have here?”
The Big Bad Wolf was hiding in the bushes. His big black beady eyes were laid on a big fat plump juicy pig. The pig was making a house   out of straw and that’s when the wolf had an idea… He thought up his plan as he started to dribble because he was so hungry. He licked his lips with his big rough tongue. When the pig had gone for a drink break,  he straitened his tall blue top hat and crept forward. He was like a ballerina because he was so quiet. His big bear paws got closer and closer to the  hay. His plan was to hide under the hay and when the pig was close enough he would spring up and eat the piggy wiggy all up. The schemer covered himself with hay and lay there motionless. His knife-like claws were resting on his chest ready to shoot up like a rocket. Finally the pig came back and lifted up the hay on top of the wolf… The wolf jumped up on to his feet and to the wolf's surprise… The pig started laughing!
“Ohhhhhh!” exclaimed the pig.
”It’s soooo cute!”
The Big bad Wolf's face turned red with fury!
“ The guy who gave me my hay must of given me a cute- little- wolfy- scarecrow to keep the birds away!”
The “Wolfy Scarecrow” wasn’t happy. He brushed all the hay off of him. Now you could see his blue patched pants.
“I’m not a wolfy scarecrow,” Grinned the Big Bad Wolf,
“I’m the BIG BAD WOLF!!”
The pig was horrified. He leaped into the air and landed… RIGHT ON TOP OF THE “SMALL SQUASHED PIG!”
“GET OFF” cried the wolf
The wolf was left lying on the ground because the pig ran off to find his mother.
From now, and forever more, the “Big Bad Wolf”was called the “Small Squashed Wolf!   by Jemma

The big bad wolf. The big bad wolf crouched down behind the bushes hoping that his red and yellow patched pants would not give away that he was there.  He was spying on little red riding hood. Then he pulled down his blue hat hoping that she would not see.  Then little red riding hood turned around but she did not see him.  He anxiously watched her as he was itching his cheek he thought about if he was going to pounce then he knew 3..2..1.. pounce.  by Angelina


  1. Wow Room 12, What Amazing writing!!! You are superstars!!!! I think that they are all sooooooooo Amazingly Amazing!!! Especially the... All of them!

  2. Wow Room 12, What Amazing writing!!! You are superstars!!!! I think that they are all sooooooooo Amazingly Amazing!!! Especially the... All of them!